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Damn Mice!!!

Ok so I bought this hot new car…but twice now a mouse has eaten the wiring making it useless!

Any good ideas as to how to keep mice out of my engine bay?

I don’t know for sure where it is happening, whether at home, work, or the gym. At home I’ve used traps and pepper all around my car.

Any ideas would be great as I’m sure this is going to be expensive to fix.

Peppermint oil essence all around the area you want to keep them out of. You’ll need to reapply it every month or so. See if you can seal up the way they’re getting in. When you park put down some powder all around the area and look for their tracks or shit when you are leaving. Expanding foam is good for sealing holes around the house, not sure what you would want to use on a car. Good luck.

Use the neighbor’s cat?