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Damn Man Boobs


Ive noticed in the past year or so i developed quite the pair of man boobs.Especially when i wear a while or light coloured t-shirts they really stand out.

It has really started to affect me as i will only wear loose t-shirts or black t-shirts. Ive cut down on my carbs,thrown in some high intensity cardio to try and loose fat but all ive done since im a typical ectomorph at 6'4 is make myself a smaller version with man titties.

Im sure its not gyno(could be wrong though) as i dont have any lumps under or around my nipples.just feels like a girls breast.

Im thinking i may have to go superstrict and try and get my bodyfat down to single digits(im around 15% at best guess)I carry all of my weight in the stomach and breast area due to genetics.My father has the same problem.

So for the first time in my life im actually facing fat.Ive been a skinny little runt all my life apart from my early 20's when i in my best shape.

Anyone have any experience with man boobs and how to reduce the size of them?? I cant even walk around shirtless it embarrasses me that much.


I'm just about in the same boat, haven't gotten to the point of embarrassment though. Maybe that says more about my lack of tact than anything though.




Your on the right track with the sprints to burn fat that should help. But for me what really tightened up my chest is is barbell bench pressing heavy in the bottom half of the ROM, that and dips. Do a lot of rows to. what it comes down is if you have a muscular upper torso a little fat there is no big deal.


This is from another forum, I dunno if its true or not but yea.

Q: I have man-boobs. Not gyno from steroids or related to puberty, just a lot of fat storage on my chest. It seems to stay there when I cut down, too. Anything I can do non-surgically? What does this say about my hormone profile?

A: Most of the time, just about every time in fact, it's a sign of a zinc deficiency. Zinc is the best anti-aromatase.

How many people eat a lot of organic nuts? How many people eat unrefined grains? How many people eat quality grass-fed meat? Scallops and oysters? Just about everyone is zinc deficient, especially people who lift weights.

Low zinc means increased aromatase activity, and that means man-boobs. In the last ten years, I haven't seen a single male first-time client who wasn't zinc deficient.

Other things that have natural anti-aromatase activity would be grape seed extract, resveratrol (REZ-V), and DIM. You should also look to pull out xenoestrogens with calcium D-glucarate. It's not a source of calcium; it's a source of D-glucarate, and that pulls out foreign estrogens.


Might it also be a postural issue? I've never had man boobs, but occasionally after bulking for a bit, a little excess fat might start to end up on my chest, however I only ever notice it if my posture is not ideal. @ 6'4, you should know all about the struggles of keeping good posture in a world that was not really designed for you.

Though I don't think postural changes would make the boobs go away, it might make them less visible/noticeable, while you work on it, enough to help your confidence in the issue.


Are you serious man? Posture?


if its excess fat, nothing will work aside from getting leaner. Sometimes very lean if that happens to be the last place you lose fat.

If its Gyno, nothing will work aside from surgery

unfortunate but true im afraid.

Read the thread in T-Cell Alpha to decide which one of those things it is.


I didn't claim, or even vaguely suggest that it would FIX anything. Merely suggesting that it might help hide it, as he seems to be having confidence issues here.


Started on a supplement called Zinc drink last week.I was deficient in this because it says if u cannot taste the zinc(it has a sour/foul taste i hear)then u are zinc deficient.Well it tasted like water so im taking that everyday,hopefully it will help.


Im going the other way.The bigger my chest gets the more i notice it.


go to the doctor and get a hormone panel done. post up the results in the steroid forum or the over 35 forum and there will be plenty of people to tell you if its an estrogen issue. if it is estrogen, a little arimidex should help tremendously.


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