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Damn lovehandles!

I have a question. I have some lovehandes that need to go away. I have read that you should not do side bends to get rid of them because they only build up underneath them and make them look bigger. So I have been doing a lot of cardio to get rid of them, but it doesnt seem to be helping. Does anyone know a sure fire way to get rid of these damn things!? Thanks.

If you want to lose fat, you probably need to change your diet.

Yea, be less fat.

I’m afraid that the only spotreduction that works is liposucction!! To lose bodyfat, diet is way more important than cardio.

Start one of the diets you can find on this site and you should be on the way.

I got the same problem, HUGE lovehandles, last to dissapear and first to came back. Pain in the ass!!!

All the sidebends in the world won’t help. Spot reduction doesn’t work… despite all the fat people you see in the gym doing crunches for hours at a time lol

I agree. Diet is more important than cardio.

Do people read this magazine anymore or just post questions?

I don’t know whether or not you should do sidebends…there are better options to train the core, but let me just say that your logic (they ‘buildup’ underneath your fat and make you look fatter) seems faulty to me…

Should people with fat legs avoid squats? Should people with man-titties avoid bench pressing? I could care less about cosmetics, but if you do, you should realize that muscle, no matter where it develops, will almost certainly make you look better…muscle is your friend

Get a bigger back.