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Damn, Look at Bale Now



Was he supposed to lose weight for the role?


are we looking on how skinny he is? i dont get it....


I've met Mickey a couple times.

And the chick I've seen him with makes that actress look like a WooOOOOFFF


Im guessing this


Yeah, his character was (is?) a drug addict. There was an article in some magazine about that several months ago.


Christian Bale emaciates himself again to play this role, I don't see why he just can't hold his muscle, I doubt the writers demanded him to lose weight for the role, and if he played the role with some muscle I doubt anyone would really nit pick that much. IDK. I know he's a user in the film, but users do come in all shapes and sizes,

I respect the art of getting into the role...but at some point the body pays the price. The yo-yo effect actors put themselves through to play different roles isn't necessarily too healthy for the body, I mean lose a couple pounds here or there fine, but blowin up to 205 and then back down to 150 or so isn't too healthy. I'm just sayin.

Rumor has it that there'll be another Batman movie and he's going to have to get up to muscle carrying again...what abuse.


That dude had some epic fights.

Bale's nutritionest earns his paycheck the way that guy yo-yo's his weight.


Well, it's his job. Everyone who makes a living at his skill and does it well has made sacrifices along the way.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Oh it's raked in plenty of success for Bale, and he pulls the roles off wonderfully. I'm a fish in an ocean I know, but if I ever get the chance to do roles as big as him, I would't diet down that far.

Now for some roles, your contract depends on it. Producers expect you to come in at a certain weight, and if you don't, money gets knocked off on the contract. IDK if that was the situation in this movie. I really doubt it. Denzel doesn't yo-yo for roles, and neither does Dicaprio...certainly not to Bale's extent. You can be sucessful in the industry without going to that extreme.


I mean look at Tom Cruise, he's stayed relatively in good shape his whole career...and he was nominated for an Oscar. It can be done. I'm not diggin the extremist role trend that some hollywood actors take. I mean, when does method acting go too far? Engrossing himself so deep in the role of the Joker, many people blame the darkness of the role that contributed to lots of Heath's final disposition.


Yeah, yeah, but damn this would make a funny avatar!


He's playing Dickie Eklund, Micky Ward's brother who was a very, very promising fighter before becoming addicted to heroin.

So no, he can't play that role "With muscle" because you don't often see heroin addicts with any muscle.


I was waiting for you to chime in with the facts.


haha. Micky is probably my favorite boxer of all time, and I've REALLY been looking forward to this movie for a long time. Dickie was Mick's trainer until 1991, and I fucked up- wasn't heroin, it was crack.

Regardless, Dickie was a hell of a boxer. Dude went the distance with SRL and knocked him down before losing a split decision.

His life is still fucked up though, he got arrested last year for some kind of assault shit or something...guy can't straighten out for the life of him.


I had no idea about Dickie's life. Knocking down Leonard and going the distance is fucking amazing, and you'd think a thing like that would keep you focused enough on the prize to stay out of trouble.

But I don't understand the addict's mind, so who am I?



Not that he's ever played action-hero roles like Batman, but I read an article once that mentioned how Tom Hanks actually experienced long term health problems after he first gained and then lost a major amount of weight for that movie where he was marooned on an island.

No doubt Bale is also paying a price, but he's making millions too. And he obviously must like playing a variety of characters - some built and some emaciated, or he'd tell his agent to stop getting him these kinds of roles.

That said, I suspect that Bale might be a natural ectomorph. Left to his own devices and not forced to train hard and eat big, he probably runs to being skinny. Just a little bit of extra calorie restriction, and he gets the junkie-look dialed in.

I remember seeing another actor interviewed - Hugh Jackman - where he was COMPLAINING about how he had to lift a lot of weights and force feed himself lots of protein to play Wolverine. I was left scratching my head thinking "What is there to complain about? I enjoy doing that stuff and nobody's paying me big bucks to do it."

To each his own, I suppose.


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