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Damn, It's Hot!


My only complaint with Houston is the weather. 102 degrees farenheit with over 90 percent humidity should just not happen.


F--king hot here 106


I do work for my school district doing the AC and junk. We took a laser temp reading of the roof while we were doing some maintenance on a few of the units and it read out at 156 degrees. Thats balls freaking hot.


Hah, I keep on saying it.... Bay Area weather is awesome! It's always just RIGHT! Right now is like 75+.


That's funny. In Ohio, the first half of this month it kept going into the 40's at night, have only run the AC twice this month.

Weird, weird weather :wink:


It's nice in KC today 94 with only 56% humidity, good break from the last week of 100 with 90's% humidity.


What people don't understand about Houston is it's not just the heat, it's the humidity. You drive around with your ac blasting and your shirt's still stuck to your skin. It's tough to describe unless you've been/live here.


Bay area weather is shit! It is always way too damn windy and random ass thunderstorms in the winter.

Now San Diego always has the best weather.


We get the same shit over here in Louisiana.

It's pretty messed up that I walk to class in the morning and I'm sweating my ass off.


what people don't understand about Phx. is we will have 100 days of this temp. welcome to hell


It's a cool summer here in Colorado - erm, India - with recent highs around 80 and massive, beautiful thunderstorms in the afternoon. It seems the decade-long drought may be slackening.


Oh yeah, and in spite of the storms, we have no humidity. I live in heaven.


Dude, you should totally move to Texas, we only got like 95 days like this.


You want heat and humidity try being a cook haha. Nah we have that same sticky hot bullshit here in Jersey, and im sure when i move to Charleston, SC in august itll be the same there


In Clemson it has been right around a 100 degrees but I've been out here in Houston for the past few days and it's F'n hot out here! 4 straight days over 100 with 90 somethin percent humidity! Sweet Jesus!


Played a frisbee tournament in talledega (alabama)
9 hours of no trees and the most asphalt in the state..


Its fucking 100+ with 100% humidity down here in Miami. Everyday I get into my car at 1p.m to work and when I get to work, my legs,ass, and back are drenched in sweat with the AC Blasting. God damn leather seats.


Anyone been branded by a seat belt buckle? I got the seat belt brand on my back once, that shit hurts.


100 degree weither here, and a truck with no AC.