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Damn, It Hurts!

Guys, a couple of years back, I hurt my tailbone(lower back) during a skating accident(I fell on a rail while grinding and hit the lowest part of my backbone pretty hard). It took a couple of months to recover…

Recently, as my training got heavier, the pain came back(s.o.b!) and I now have trouble sitting for too long or getting up from sitting as the pain can get pretty bad…

My posture remains good through my sessions and after seeing a physician, I was told that I cannot carry heavy objects…

I’m really lost, I’ve been working out for a couple of years now and it would be a real bth if I had to give it up because of something I did as a teenager…

Pls advice, have any of you guys gone through this before?

(Btw, it hurts the most a day after my sessions and normally, the worst pain comes when I do overhead presses(barbell)…)

Hey I shattered my tailbone about 8 years ago I guess it was. Sledding behind a car about 40MPH and decided to jumop a snow slope not knowing there was a curb under it. Nailed the bastard with my ass and couldnt sit for a week and still had pain for a good month.

Needless to say there isnt really a cast for you TB or anything. After healing back and after I shed some BLUBBER!! (FFB here) I could barely sit for any time over 10 minutes do to the pressure of the way it healed back. What fixed it?? Doing LOTS opf squats and DL’s. Built up my glutes and now there is no pressure on the TB due to gaining Squaters Butt.

Other than that man I dont know what to tell you. carry a hemroid pillow.


[quote]Phill wrote:
Other than that man I dont know what to tell you. carry a hemroid pillow.[/quote]

Argh, Phil! I nearly splattered my green tea over the screen! LOL :smiley: I know this is a serious matter, but I couldn’t help laughing.

Hey Phil, thanks for the advice man… will try to work on my squats from now on, anything to get rid of the pain…

Do you think I should lower my weights as well? Seems to be unaffected at my previous levels… looks like I’ll never be able to push the limits…back to the girly weights…

You stated that the pain hurts the most when you do overhead presses. Are you doing them seated or standing? I herniated a disc in my back 13-14 months ago and through a lot of trial and error I found that I get a great deal of pain when I do STANDING overhead presses, so I tried SEATED presses and found no pain.

Also through trial and error I found that I had to do the seated presses with out a back on the seat, so I do them on a bench, just clean the barbell up and squat down on the bench.

I am not to familiar with your injury, it seems lower than where mine was. You stated tail bone area and my injury was a lower back thing. Like I stated above, a lot of trial and error (trying things out to see what doesn’t cause you pain) will help you to continue your hobby of lifting.

What does your Dr. recommend for rehab?

Good luck, soon you’ll be back to new heights. Take it from me, I had an injury so bad where I couldn’t squat, deadlift, clean, etc for nearly a year. But with proper rehab and research I made it back and so will you.

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