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Damn, I'm Fat


I posted last month that I was 23% bf and wanted to post a pic, but my computer is down and won't communicate with my scanner.

To make a long story short, I injured my shoulder and won't be able to workout until this Sunday.
I've decided since I've been sedentary, to just workout and drop the empty calorie drinks and food instead of going on a strict diet like the Velocity diet. I'll post my results in the future.


Im sorry but i am just getting sick of people making excuses. Your shoulder is injured but your legs are not. Do leg work that day. As for going on the velocity diet I hope your not just like every other average american and quit 2 after going on a diet.


Almost any lift involving the use of a barbell or dumbell is going to put strain on the shoulders. It's best to stay out of the gym until it's healed.



I am looking forward to the results.


[quote]knuckles wrote:
Almost any lift involving the use of a barbell or dumbell is going to put strain on the shoulders. It's best to stay out of the gym until it's healed.[/quote

I disagree. That's loser excuse pansy thinking. Go and do leg press, leg extension, and leg curl. He said he was fat. Ride the bike. Work. None of the above exercises are the best exercises out there, but they are the best he can do. He should do them.


Bad advice. One of the hardest aspects of training for someone who is completely sedentary is getting into the habit of simply going to the gym. He could train legs or do exercises that don't aggravate the injury. Not only that, but we have no idea what type of "injury" this was or if it is even serious. I'm glad his scanner doesn't work.


Get out and do anything. You can't lift weights - get on the tred mill and go for a walk (or even put a weighted vest on and go for a walk outside), get on a bike, do leg press, or calves or do anything. Anything but sit on your ass and drink soda. I don't even know what the purpose of your post was except to show us the attitude that got you fat in the first place. Not impressed, nancy.


Due to time constraints at typing at work, I had to make the last post short. I'm not making any excuses for being fat. It's been no one elses fault but my own. I'm fat simply cuz I've been very lazy and I finally want to make a change.
I couldn't lift weights because my shoulder was injured due to a sparring incident, so I didn't want to take any chances. It hurt like hell just lifting anything above my head, so I had an ART specialist work on it and now it's fine.

I'm not going on a diet like the V-diet because just making simple changes (for fat people like myself, hard would be the better word), such as consistently working out and dropping soda and fast foods will lay a proper foundation for any strict diets in the future.

Thanks for all constructive criticism. All fat people like myself need it.

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Cleaning up your diet is key. You need to make the changes you can stick to for the rest of your life.

Fruits and vegetables actually taste good. Get the junk food out of the house and you will automatically eat better.

Do not let a shoulder injury slow you down.

At least go for a long walk in the time slot you would have used to go to the gym. That way you are doing something positive and you are getting used to committing yourself to being active.


You can beat yourself silly about being fat, and never knock off an ounce of fat.

Find something to look forward to. Move in a posative direction toward an attainable goal.

Otherwise you may end up just wallowing in a quagmire of self loathing and pitty.

I love that word "quagmire". It just sounds like a sloppy mess.


I sincerely hope so!!!!!


Taking baby steps in the diet/food department has worked well for me. I've been lifting for a long time, but was never interested in the diet side of the equation until recently. I started off by eliminating all soft drinks and now only drink water and the occasional Mike's lemonade. =)

Keeping a food log helped me to recognize how much junk food I was eating. I LOVE candy and sweets, so I knew it was going to be tough. I haven't totally kicked the habit (as evidenced by the 1/2 box of mike & ike's I consumed last night -- 600 empty calories!!) yet, but I'm making progress. Next step for me is better meal planning.

Have a buddy keep you accountable too. It helps me to know my lifting partner is going to ask about the diet progress the next time we lift (tonight).



Mmmmm Mike's Lemonade... so evil. You?ve gotta be careful with those things though, it?s easy to forget they?re 7% alcohol.

That's a BC product you know, I knew they had starting distributing it in the States, but I wasn't sure if it had caught on.

Sorry for the highjack...


Mike & Ike's are addictive. Damn them.


Like everbody said first clean up diet. A good way to
start is JB Don't diet and then move to the T-dawg 2.0
Three years ago when I found this site my bf was in
the 30ish. I use Jb Don't diet and then move to the old
t-dawg I drop 80pds slow and steady I was down to
8 percent bf I did diet down to much but regroup put
mass back on. I using range bewteen 12 and 15 percent. I would pick a good fat burning program/and
read all of JB INFO
Best of luck


I'm a fat bastard, too, but started working out and eating well every day a month ago. I lost 30 pounds in the first month (down to 275 from 306, target weight: 200), and I'm basically having protein shakes and vitamins + a turkey or chicken sandwich every day. I'm gonna hit the velocity diet as soon as the fish oil pills and flax seeds come in. Keep workin, man. For me, the extreme changes are paying off quick, cuz I'm fitting into clothes that were too small 3 years ago.


I would suggest get back into working out asap. Since it's only one shoulder, do exercises with the other arm. Tons of bodyweight squats and single leg calf raises might be "fun" to do.

I injured some part of my lower abdominal region and adductors about a month or so ago. All I've done since then are calf raises, presses while laying on the bench/floor, and chins with a weighted vest. After a few weeks I was able to add in upright rows while standing on my right leg only (the uninjured side). Also, I started going up stairs with the right leg only.

Give it a try. Set small goals and do everything in your power to not let an injury stop you. I understand there are certain crippling injuries that would impede any type of exercise, but even if you could only do wrist curls and pinch grips...it's SOMETHING.

Read Dan John's last article.



Just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement and advice.

I plan on doing a 3 days a week workout program using material I've read from King, Waterbury, and Thib.

Also, I plan on doing GPP exercises every other day. My GPP circuit will consist of jumping jacks, pushups, burpies, bw squats, and mountain climbers, 20reps each with a 1 minute rest after the circuit. I'm done when I can't do anymore. By the way I completed 1 1/2 circuits on wed. and tonight. We all got to start somewhere.

My diet will consist of about 200gms protein, and carbs will be at breakfast and pre and post workout. Dinner will be with my family but using portion control. This is not a cheat meal if you're asking. Fish and flax oil will be used everyday. I will alternate solid and liquid meals, eating 5 to 6 times throughout the day. P and C will be early in the day and P and F will be later.

Hopefully I can get some of the strength I used to have 10 yrs ago when I was 25, 335 bench max and 400 squat for 6 reps at 205lbs and 12%bf. Now, I know some middleweight powerlifters who can do these same lifts, but for someone who didn't know crap about proper lifting programs and has bad genetics, I was pretty damn proud of it.

I plan on doing the Golden Gloves next March at 175, so I have something to train for.


Sorry if my last post is sloppy. I accidentally pressed submit when I wanted to press preview.
Oh yeah, Warriors 7th seed next year in the playoffs and the 49ers 2006 Superbowl Champs!!!!!! OK I'm dreamin, 6-10 record and competitive every week.


Did I stumble into the fuckin loser thread? I see people saying don't lift if one part is injured, another's grand diet plan is to stop drinking soda (not pop, you hillbillies), then posts about "loving sweets and candy"...WTF, are you a chic?

Go lift. Don't eat candy all the time. Stop with the Mike's Hard Lemonade...you are either a frat boy or a flamer. Enough of the "I need a beer after a tough day" bullshit.

Unless you have cancer or your legs were bitten off by a liger, GO LIFT. If you love "sweets," check to see if your penis is still attached and go eat a steak.