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Damn, I'm Fat!

Just took my measurements last thurs. 5/5/05, and I am really fat. My skinfold measurements are as follows:

Tri: 11
Chest: 12
Abd: 32
Supraill: 25
Subscap: 26
Midax: 20
Thigh: 22

Total: 23% bf
5’10, 200

I just started my diet today, and will start my workout tomorrow.

Here’s the deal; I have very bad discipline unless I’m going to lose something if I don’t follow through with my goals. Since I’m too embarrassed to post a pic of me now, I’ll post a pic (hopefully in better shape) by June 23. If there is no pic by then, the first person to remind me gets a bottle of MAG-10 Legacy. If that can’t be sent through the mail, a bottle of HOT-ROX.