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Damn I Love T-Nation

I woke up this morning, not having weighed myself in about two months. I thought I was around 175. I was judging myself using the mirror and it looked like i had gained a nice amount of muscle. Well, the scale read 162. I guess I have lost a lot of body fat, because my whole body is bigger and more cut. One thing I really changed was increasing the amount I eat before bed. I used to have just one scoop Low-Carb Grow! and 5 fish oil capsules.

I began eating 2 tbsp all natural PB with 2 scoops Low-Carb Grow! every night right before I go to sleep. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out eating 400 kcal before bed, but i guess it makes great results. I also just graze on almonds and pistacio nuts while i study at night and never have nighttime carb cravings.

Thanks T-Nation.

Just over 1.5 lb / week ain’t bad. Especially considering you increased your intake rather than reducing. If it’s all calories-in-versus-calories out, this would mean you created an 800 calorie / day deficit to acheive such results.

Did you find eating more before bed helped you control your intake better the next day? I started eating P+F meals in the evening, and all I’ve noticed is now I crave fat’s in the morning, what gives?

But the question is…how tall are you?

Oh sorry I didn’t mention that. I am 5’7.


What has definitely changed in my eating patterns is that instead of snacking on carbs like cereal or popcorn at night, I am snacking on almonds and pistacios. In the morning I still want and eat a bowl of oatmeal and Low-Carb Grow! after a nightime P+F meal.