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Damn Cops



wow actually serving and protecting the public.
fuckin amazing.


where's the tazers? This has to be fake.


what a heart felt video...

Don't tase me bro!!


Unfortunately I've found that good cops who don't have a superiority complex are extremely rare.


^Only in propaganda videos.


are helmets required by law for bicycle riders there?
or were they just giving the option of a free helmet?


This is exactly the first thing I thought.


This wondrous public service we see in the video isn't happening in the US, which explains alot.


I'm guessing they're optional, and their way of protecting the people and thanking them for not burning fossil fuels.


That's because every True American knows for FACT that "public services" are nothing but filthy, rotten, pie-in-the-sky SOCIALISM!!!

You're not a SOCIALIST are you!?!?!?!?!



^ And this is why it would never happen in the States.


They are just trying to stop the amount of people who have suffered serious head injuries from making ridiculous allegations and comments... ^^^^


If it's required, they'd have the right to give said offenders tickets, not hugs.

I'd imagine they're just being nice.

I don't understand how you can title this thread "Damn cops" when they're doing something to help protect you. Especially with videos of corrupt cops, accidentally pulling the trigger, violent cops with power trips, etc...

Shit, if you don't like it, take it off around the corner. No big deal.


Spoken like a true socialist.


I rest my case...^^



It's like, a joke.


I onto you, Commie!


Some one please send this poor soul a helmet... lol!


SOCIALISTS like YOU communicate in the third-person, because you hate the rights of the Individual!


That's Europe. In America cops help the community by running DARE and other wastes of time and money. If they took the money used to pay cops to drive around and do nothing or bust controlled substance users they could help people, give bike helmets to kids, whatever.

Kind of like an organized tax-payer funded group who makes itself felt in the community helping people, and stopping crimes, and making communities safer and nicer and cleaner, and just genereally watching out for the citizens of that community. These people would be nice so people wouldn't be scared of them or automatically dread their presence. They could also have a catchy slogan like, Serve and Protect.