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Damn Christians are at it Again...



The ACLU has filed suit against Sumner County School Board for the promotion of Christianity. For the record, I live in Sumner county, TN, and my children attend the schools named in the suit.

At the center of the issue is Long Hollow Baptist Church. Again, this is the church that I attend as do a large percentage of this community. It is a small community. Population of Hendersonville (where all schools cited are located) is approximately 40,000. Membership at Long Hollow Baptist is nearing 7,000. The county has approximately 105 churches in total.

Though biased, I believe LHB to be a very special church. What attracted my wife and me was the youth ministry. A majority of the resources of the church are directed at young people. We seem to be in a state of continuous construction as we continue to add faculties for the youth of our community. I remember as a kid having to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to church. More often than not, it seems that my kids are the ones dragging me out of bed to go to church on Sundays. They love it. The staff is continuously planning and holding events and activities for the local community. While Christ is certainly at the center of any church, it is in no way some holy roller brain washing session. The emphasis is more in being Christ like. By this I mean that they (we) concentrate on serving God by serving others. Assistance, clothing, counseling, food, shelter, you name it, we offer it.

As a result, most of the teaches, principles and school board members are members of the church as well. As a large state of the art facility, we offer the use of our grounds at no cost to any of the schools for functions that would exceed the limitations of individual school campuses. Many graduation ceremonies are held on the church property.

Of course, all of this absolutely infuriates the ACLU.

I invite you to read the complaint. As far as I am able to confirm, it is the largest that the ACLU has ever filed as far as individual complaints. It is claimed that it is on the behalf of four families from the county. As an aside, it amuses me that the plaintiffs in such cases are always allowed to hide their identities but the defendants obviously cannot.

Discuss. I will answer as I can to the extent of my knowledge.


ACLU= against christian liberties union




It would seem to be along the lines of a madman who is also a doctor. He goes on a shooting rampage, but he is willing to lend medical care to his victims after he had done his damage.

Very noble organization indeed.


I wonder if the ACLU would be upset if the school board wanted to teach children all about homosexuality? Ah, we all know the answer to that don't we?


Would it not be fair to say that if one 'lifestyle choice' (as people often depict homosexuality) is to be kept entirely out of the classroom, so should others (religion, etc.)?


The ACLU doesn't think so.


Oh, I guess the point slipped right past you huh? (ruffles hair) You see sparky the powerful teachers unions are L I B E R A L and very much PC. That means that they WILL allow such things as homosexuality to be discussed and in fact push that agenda (of acceptance, not just tolerance) toward our youth. While at the same time any mention of God or church in school is met with a law suit from the folks at the ACLU.

Now I want you go back and think really hard how the United States of America became the greatest nation in the world. Was it by promoting homosexuality? Or, was it by having a strong Judeo/Christain base?

Are we clear now? Okay, Off you go...


My point was that you seem to have no problem with the classroom presence of a politically-divisive issue, as long as it is YOUR issue. Which makes you just as bad as the ACLU fighting to keep homosexuality in the discussion while simultaneously working against the mention of Jesus.

My belief is that neither topic is off-limits if treated with due sensitivity. A teacher shouldn't tell kids that gay marriage is OK or not OK. He should likewise refrain from teaching Genesis as if it is undisputed truth. But neither issue should ever be verboten.


Neither. It was because of a strong belief in individual rights. Not community rights or rights of the majority, but individual rights.

For the record, I don't see a problem with a church letting a school use their facilities for events such as graduation. However, I do believe in a strict separation of church and state. I formed this belief back when I was religious. Here is a real life example of why everyone should favor separation of church and state. Unfortunately, I forget where this took place. A school board was approached by a Christian group that wanted to send some information home in students' weekly take-home folders. The school board didn't think this was a problem. Naturally, many Christian parents were thrilled. Some time later, a Wiccan group wanted to do the same thing. The school board decided, correctly I might add, that if they allowed the Christian group access for their information they had to allow the Wiccan group the same access. So kids received Wiccan information in their folders. The parents were infuriated, and many complained to the school board. Moral of the story: If you really want religion in the public sphere, be careful what you wish for.


Good point. I agree completely.


Churches collect billions of dollars a year without paying a dime in taxes, and people who contribute are allowed to deduct that contribution from their income for tax purposes.

Tell me again how badly Christians are persecuted.


I know what the ACLU thinks and I don't agree with them. I'm asking what YOU people think.


Depends entirely on what was actually sent. One religious flier =/= another. A church sending out pancake breakfast info isn't the same as wiccans sending out info on how to curse someone. Not saying that happened, but I'm just saying you didn't present all the info needed.

And for the record, there is no separation of church and state. The only thing in the constitution is protection for the church from congressional laws.


Mosques don't pay taxes, so Muslims can't be persecuted? Good to know.


Like what I just said about religious fliers, one "freedom of speech" is never exactly equal to another. Are we talking about biology class teaching about general homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom, including humans, or a liberal hippy English teacher shoving the acceptance of homosexuality down kids throats? Cause I had both in school.

The same would go for religion. Learning about history, the law, American culture, est should infact touch on Christianity. But a teacher should not preach personal religious convictions. I have never personally been witness to the ladder.

So the question needs to be more specific. I'm not inherently for or against either.


I think ALL religions are nonsense and Islam especially, so I'm not defending Islam at all. Once religion disappears, and it will, I hope Islam is the first to go.


So you admit that not paying taxes in no logical way has any effect on persecution?

And religion will never go away. It may eventually become a worship of state, but it's still the same ballpark.


I actually agree with you on this. Teaching about homosexuality in the context of biology is no more promoting it than teaching about Hitler in the context of a history class on World War II is promoting Nazism. Why can't more people understand this?


Homosexuality is a big part of history too.