Damn ART is expensive, it better be worth it.

I just scheduled an appointment for next week Thursday and the first appt is $120 bucks, then the followups are about $70 bucks. Now I don’t know about ya’ll but for a 20 year old college student, it’s a grip.

I have tendonitis in my knee and had surgery 5 months ago and I’m looking for, I guess a final solution to all of it. This better be worth it. I’ll keep ya posted on my results.

Ouch. I pay $75 for the initial consult and $40 thereafter. Insurance picks up all but $13 per session.

I think you’re getting fleeced brother. I pay $40 a treatment. Often times one treatment does the trick and my chiropractor never pushes me to make a second appointment. In fact when I asked him if I should, he advised me to wait a couple of days and see how it felt and if I felt I needed another appointment, call him. I don’t trust practitioners who tell you you’re going to need a certain number of sessions before you see any results. With ART I think you should see some benefits right away.

I had it for a shoulder problem, and it totally worked, in fact it was amazing. The good news is if it’s going to work for you, you’ll most likely see a noticeable improvement during the first treatment. I bet you’ll think it’s worth the money, if it fixes your problem. My sessions were a hundred bucks a pop, and it took six of them. After three, I thought I was “good enough” but the doc thought I should keep coming a couple more times, and it turned out to be worth it. I injured my shoulder in high school, and it was always impinged after that (is that a sentence). The treatment returned me to pre-injury status…AMAZING.

I should say, those are New York City prices, if that means anything…

ouch… as a fellow college student - that really sucks. I just ordered some surge and tribex and the price of that alone is going to make me cringe. Fortunately I work tommorow and the tips should cover it.
Regardless, your health is the most important thing you can have (and a big bowl of frozen green beans) and in the long run you will probably spend less. Let everyone know how your results are…

I live and work in a small town area. I charge 40$ for a first visit, 354 for a follow up. you should see results or changes from the get go. i will bill a pts. insurance, which often pays higher.
Dr. Leahy charges 500$ for a one hour session, but he’s the best and often treating pro athletes. I feel that most practitioners will charge what the market bears, as any other service. Remeber coffes can go for 4$ at starbucks, or how about 1.30$ for 20 ozs. of carbonated sugar water.
I once saw a prison guard for a rotator cuff injury. Three treatments to resolve it, that insurance paid app 190$ for. He was told that the only way to resolve his problem was an operation that would have cost a few grand, not including rehab, dr. visits, etc. So is ART worth more, or is the standard operation mode woth less.
Dr. Leahy has treated Milos Sarcev for a shoulder problem that he was days from spending 20,000$ on out of pocket. Canceled the op.
ART can seem to be damn expensive(hey, I was in college) but worth it even at inflated prices. Truth be told, I live in a pretty backwards area. Prices will rise as ART takes off more. I’m the only provider within 50 miles any direction, and have pts. traveling over an hour. Realistically its’s the most effective therapy I’ve ever had done for an injury. Make sure you get a good practitioner.

I totally forgot, INSURANCE. I have insurance. I’m going to call them Monday and see if my insurance will get some of it. I think I may need a referral though, because my surgery costed me nothing at all. My insurance picked everything up, but most likely I’m just going to have to grin and bear it. From the way you guys are talking, it seems to be worth it.

It cost me $65 for first visit and $35 each additional visit from a Chiropractor in Long Island. It was worth every penny even though I drove 2 hours to have it done. I’d say $120 is a rip-off. I feel for ya since I’m a college student also.

ART costs me $46/session - N.E. Indiana. T.E.


If your insurance is PPO, you do not need a referral. If you got HMO, then you're screwed since they're a bunch of ass******s who refuse to let you get the proper treatment until you're at your death bed.

I have PPO, and I never visit my physician for anything that requires specialists.

TE - where do you go? I’m in Bloomington IN and I can’t find anyone within 70 miles of here.

Well, here we go, let me sing my healer’s praises…I go to Dr. Mike Hartle, man of many hats. He’s my chiroprator, ART practioner, certified nutritionist, coach on the U.S. powerlifting team (his wife, also chiropractor, also nutritionist, is a member of the Canadian team), a Renegade mentor, and one of the presenters at the recent SWIS conference (he was referenced and pictured in Shugart’s review). Plus he makes a nifty three-bean salad ;-). Go to his site - www.chiropower.com - and you can e-mail from there. Tell him Tom sent you. Then duck :-). Good luck. T.E.

Insurance would have covered any “alternative” treatments for me (chiropractor, acupuncture, etc) except there was a 600 dollar deductable. Which is what I spent on ART. D’oh!!!

TE - I didn’t think he did ART. I guess I learned something new today, then. Anyways, thats around the fort wayne area, right? I’ll definitely make an appointment to see him sometime soon.

I go to a ART doc in Windsor, Canada (must be two of them up there because he actually had a sub when he went on his honeymoon). Charged $60 for first session, then $40 for followups. Plus it cost less because of the exchange rate. Planning to go back every couple months for a “tune up”. All I can say is ART CHANGED MY LIFE. No more pain, I can bench again!!!

Well, I learned about Dr. Mike from the T-Mag forum, from Lyle in Indy (hey, Lyle!). I was trying to find out how far I’d have to go for an ART practioner, and thru Lyle I found out about Dr. Mike (BTW, I believe his wife Dr. Monique is also an ART practioner), whose office is one mile from my house. :-). And yes, it’s in Fort Wayne. Take I-69 north (yes America, we have Interstate number 69) and take the U.S. 24 West exit, but go east (it’ll make sense when you get there - I think it’s at mile marker ‘104’). Their office will be on the right, about 3-5 miles down the road. Take care, and good luck. T.E.

I don’t think many saw my first reply so this is a repost

(disclaimer) First of all, let me say I hav eno affiliation with ART whatsoever, I’m not a ringer paid to advertise ART on a messageboard,I’m just a regular average joe with some tendonitis that tried it out. Let me say, Dr. Sanders is the second greatest, the greatest being Dr. Kolstad, the doc that performed my surgery. He stretched my quad out and after 20 minutes, I felt no pain. He made me run and we tried squatting and I felt no pain whatsoever, just a little on my way up but I couldn’t even go all the way down on my squats until today. He said my tendon was ok, the doc cleaned it up but my quad was in a big ass knot pulling my knee cap up thus putting pressure on my tendon. All the physical therapy in the world wouldn’t help out until I got the knot out. I also have to stretch like every chance I get to keep the knot from coming back. So all is well ya’ll. I want to thank the posters that kept using the word ART on the messageboard because it took me a while before it finally hit me that I should try ART out.

I also finally know how Vince Carter made that speedy recovery. It was because they have an ART practitioner on the basketball team that workewd with Carter before and after his surgery. Dr. Sanders told me that I should come in like 2 more times and everything should be ok. Anyway, what I’m saying is ART is the answer, if you have tendonitis and all else fails, try ART out, you won’t be dissappointed