Damn Ankle

Ya, so a little venting here and a little need for advice. I LOVE playing football. I played all throughout highschool and a year in college at Illinois. Now, I try to play in as many pick up games as I can. Well, this Sunday I had a friendly game and this fucker tried tackling me by tripping me. Well, it worked, cause he stepped on my foot and threw me over it. I now have a torn ligement in my left ankle. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO ABOUT MY LEG TRAINING!?!?!?!? The only thing I could think of is doing massive sets of extensions and curls to not lose as much muscle. What do you guys think? Any trainers out there know how long I will be bummed for? Thanks guys.

Do you have “A” torn ligament, or torn ligamentS? I went through a similar injury 3 months ago (tore 30-50% of the ligaments in my right ankle during basketball practice). The most important thing is not to put ANY pressure on your foot, and constantly stretch and strengthen your ankle. It’s absolutely critical that you dont put any unnecessary pressure on your foot, especially at the beginning. It’s a serious injury, and one that needs time to heal completely, or else it will come back later and make you regret rushing it. It took me, personally, a month to start some light activity, and about a month and a half to get back at full force. It also depends on how dedicated and willing to help it heal. It’s very frustrating and annoying, but its very important.

I hear your pain brother. When I was ballin in college, I had a 330 lbs lineman fall on while I was getting tackled and tore up my ankle. Torn everything. I was lucky enough to have a real bastard for a team doc and he rehabbed me with a vengeance. I was out for I would say 6 months, but when I was back, I had no problems anymore. Ankles are a pain cuz they support so much weight and force, but are small in size. I would recommend letting it FULLY heal. Dont be Rudy, and try to get back in the mix with it being almost healed

I kind of know how you feel, man. I currently have some kind of tear in my calf down near the Achilles tendon, so my leg training is also limited. Try EDT. That’s what I’m doing, the only leg work being extensions and stiff-legged deadlifts (I can’t even do leg curls!).