Last thursday I walked into my tanning salon and had a seat while I waited for the line to shorten. I just woke up a few hours ago and was deep in thought about class, what bodypart I was training today, how many grams of protein I’d eaten so far, when my next meal will be ect. Suddenly my attention is consumed by the hypnotizing sway of a sweet well tanned round backside strutting down the hall. Like a hungry dog I leaned forward on my haunches to get a better look. Delicate little waistline, leading into some of the sexiest most femenine hips I’ve laid eyes on. At first I just thought it was pre-shower prop shot kicking in and there was no way I could be this turned on by a girl. Then she turned around, and looked right at me with the most striking brown eyes I can remember since the first girl I fell in love with. Warm and soothing while at the same time exotic and smoldering. Yeah, I’m sure half of you are wiping the puke off your keyboard so I’ll stop.

We don`t wanna know it, we wanna see it! LOL

(Insert favorite wet T-shirt line here) ;p

Yeah, but what did you do about it, playa?

I think on Monday morning we’ll be hearing about Wideguy’s Wild Weekend!

Bring it on.

Did you hit it?

I agree…the posts I have read from Wideguy usually start with a teaser!

What say Wideguy?