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Damien-Progress w/ more carbs

I remember in Issue 117 Damien not making progress and losing sex drive on Poliquin’s low carb diet. I’ve been experiencing the same stagnation and loss in drive and I’m 21. Did you follow Tim Pattersons nutrition advice, and if so how has that helped you in terms of progress, drive, and fat loss? I’m ditching Poliquins recommendations which I got at a seminar and 2-part article at another site b/c I just wasn’t progressing. Anyway, i’d like to hear more details on your approach and how your body-comp is progressing. I believe I must have a similar metabolism to you. Currently trying 50%prot(Chix and prot), 25%carbs (Yams and Maltodextrin)and 25%fat(Fish Oil and Olive Oil).

This is Damien, Yeah I have a funny story to tell you before I tell you what I have been doing. After I sent that email to Tim Patterson out of (desperation), I got a call and an email from the big man him self CHARLES POLIQUIN. He was pissed pissed pissed off that I wrote such a thing, he cussed at me and said some other mean things. He claimed I violated client confidentiality rules, compromised his earning capacity, and NEVER EVER EVER COMMUNICATE WITH HIM AGAIN> Wow that was a shock this guy was my Idol, I drove all the way to vegas to his seminar, and did numerous consultations with him. So yeah it was a stab in the back. I only wrote to t-mag because charles was so busy its not like I can go see him or something like that.

Ok my status : I’m still not as lean as I want to be but the first thing I did with actually the help of John Berardi is to take a break off of dieting, increase carbs especially postworkout, and start eating yams, oats, etc. I retained some water for a couple of weeks but after that I actually leaned out, gained enourmous amounts of strength ( 15lbs to 30lbs on every lift), I also felt better and regained my Sex drive which is oh so important to me and my girlfriend! I am starting to diet now I figure that my body is reset after the layoff. I didn’t really get fatter but I didn’t try to diet either. Currently I am working with beverly International, I find there program just clicks for me! During that time with poliquin I switched over to Beverly International using there supplements and t-mags supplements and got the leanest I have ever achieved but all the months of only two salads a day Prior fried me and I couldn’t push through. Things are going well now with them I expect to reach 5% in 16 weeks! My advice is get as lean as possible without cutting carbs drastically (at least 10%) because it will stall out your progress in the future. I will never drop my carbs for that long again!

Flex I’m curious to know what protocols you were following.

Damien, I was eating 6x a day. Even though he said not to weigh food I did (i’m anal like that) I’m what he calls an apple(fat on abs and chest). Got 1.5g protein per lb bodyweight from 3 meals of chicken, and 3 protein drinks. 50g carbs even divided from green beans or broccoli. Took in about 30-40%fat. Used 15 fish oil capsules and the rest from Olive Oil and Flaxseed oil, divided evenly into each meal. Followed his German Body Comp program. Initially no carb up but after a 1.5 weeks knew I needed some so followed 1 carb meal every 5th day. Lost a lot of water weight and my arms look veiny but my abs werent going down. Now I’m leaning toward a modified Zone Diet (more protein) b/c I’ve heard a lot of people get awesome results from it for getting ripped and having energy too.

Sounds like the exact same protocol I followed. Down to a tee. I really feel it recked my body for awhile.

For anyone looking up the reference, it was in the letter section of issue #112, not issue #117. That’s a funny comment about Poliquin, Damien! How the hell were you able to afford his $350/hour fees at the age of 23?

I did phone consultations with him, they were 130 for a half hour. I was doing one every couple of weeks. I also attended the 350$ seminar in vegas, Driving like 5 hrs to get there.

What other suggestions did he make when your progress was lacking? I’d be interested to hear. Did he even suggest a different approach like the zone or were you told it would work, eventually. I know depending on body type that determines the diet he recommends. Any other info he gave or anything else he said would be interesting to hear. I personally thought if this method didnt work than NOTHING ever would for me, but I realize anyone who really knows anything is open to suggestions and realizes one approach never works for everyone. DiPasquale’s Metabolic Diet book addresses that issue although I think his diet recommendations are poor. Anyway, still gonna stick with the Zone, but next week since my Wisdom teeth are getting pulled tomorrow and I cant eat anything (MRP Diet)

He recommended to stay the same for months and months. I did religiously and suffered, with a low sex drive and general feeling of malaise.
finally he said try a zone type diet. At that point as was ready to do my own thing, I was already very schooled with the zone and I new how to manipulate it for my needs. I don’t recommend the zone the way its written, I think its to little protein, to much fruit, and a little to much monosaturated fat. My suggestions are as follows:
Keep carbs around 30% from mostly, yams, oats, and 1 or two pieces of low glycemic fruit, grapefruit works best, and all green veggies

Protein, Keep at around 1.5 per lbm of LBM, mainly turkey, fish, tuna, Very lean beef

Fats 2 tbs of udo’s daily.

Postworkout, I have one packet of grow, and I add 1tbs of udo’s, I know your gonna flip, I find I have better energy levels, just enough carbs to keep me going, and to tell you the truth my workouts are great. I also do 50 sprays of androsol after each workout.

My last meal of the day is always 2 to 3 hrs before bedtime and I eat 8-10oz of salmon and 2 cups veggies. I am averaging only about 5 meals, but things are going great.

Cardio I do interval cardio, 3 times a week, and 2 sessions of 30 min regular cardio. I try to do them in the morning on an empty stomach with md6.

Good luck!