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Damaging Your Trapezius upper's...

Thursday night, hugging as tight as I could during a set of standing cable fly’s, I did something aweful to my trapezius upper’s (back neck, skull base). What exactly I don’t know, but it feels like I pulled them. My tension must have been so high that they gave in. Since, every movement that requires ANY tension no matter what the body part is painful and it’s affecting my whole body and performance.

Has this ever happened to anyone else here? Is it even possible to pull your neck whilst doing standing cable fly’s? Must be, i did. Any advice?

serves you right for doing such a gay exercise

oh, and go see a doctor get that shit sorted out so you can get back to the heavy (no cable) stuff… :slight_smile:

yes along with 4x8 incline dumbell presses of the heaviest weight i can handle, and 4x8 regular bench presses, i would like to do some variety of movements. nothing gay about that. so shut it if u clearly have no knowledge to share.

it sounds like a strained muscle which i’ve had before in that area. ice it and if it doesn’t heal in a couple days, go see a doctor.

Usually if you’ve simply pulled a muscle it’ll clear up on its own within a few days (maximum a week). If it persists longer you may have done some other damage. Rather than going to your doctor (who will probably tell you to take it easy and give you some tylenol) try ART.

Go to activerelease.com to find someone near you.

As an aside, skip the cables next time. :slight_smile: