Damaged my Metabolism, Slowly Giving Up

[quote]Miryammah wrote:
I eat in the range of 1200-1400 calories oer day[/quote]
A rough guideline is to generally go no lower than bodyweight x 10 calories, even for fat loss. At 68kg/150pounds, you’re below that. Factoring in exercise, you’re seriously below that. Check these articles to sort out your nutrition:

I’m guessing you do one of these cardio workouts every day, probably after the weights? That’s excessive.

Your weight training (which is what builds the muscles, gives “definition” and “tone”, and builds strength, needs improvement too. Choose one of these programs. Any of them will be significantly better than how you’re lifting now:

If you want to keep doing cardio too, no problem at all, just do it on the days you don’t lift. If you “need” to do cardio on days you lift, do it after lifting for 20 minutes max of something low-ish intensity (an inclined treadmill walk without using the handrails is a great choice).

Also, consider starting a log in the Powerful Women forum, where the other badass lady lifters can give you some more input and motivation: