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Damage Control

I have been doing Meltdown 1 for 2 weeks with great results. My bodyfat is down to 10%. Last night I did my workout at night-I almost always do it in the morning. 2 hours after my post-workout shake, I only had a meal of scrambled eggs and veggies, as I had reached my carb allotment for the day. I felt very hungry after a crappy night’s sleep. Since I have a date with a very beautiful woman this evening , I probably won’t get much sleep tonight either. I don’t want to lose muscle, as I am very prone to dropping LBM during dieting periods. What steps do I need to take to keep my hard-earned muscle? Should I carb up today?

Come on man, you are not going to lose any significant amount of muscle over night. Focus on the beuatiful woman that you have a date with instead.

You’re probably right-I am being paranoid. It’s just that I am almost where I want to be at (6-7%) and I am afraid of seeing all my hard work fly out the window.