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Damage Control


From what I've read, most everyone says when you slide off a diet/regimen, it's best to just get back to plan immediately. I'm fine with that (i.e. no starving yourself because you slipped up)

However, I was wondering if there are measures you can take to do some damage control. I hit too many carbs today, so I plan to compensate by using mostly protein (and fats) for the rest of the day in an effort to get the final total closer to optimal. If I simply continue my original plan, this won't happen.

Wasting my time? Or fine?


Probably not a bad idea, as long as your training doesn't suffer.

Honestly though, it's one day in the scheme of things. Your progress may be offset by a couple days at most.

You could also throw in some cardio.


total macros at the end of the day are all that matter. if you overeat carbs at one meal, simply subract carbs the next to achieve your daily total (or close to it)


Why would you add more protein AND fats? That makes no sense. Just eat lean protein and veggies for the rest of the day.


I'm watching three macronutrients: protein, carbs and fats. If I overdid one of them, it stands to reason that the other two should be used to compensate. By fats I mean the healthier ones.


Thanks. Knew it but wanted to see it in print from someone else.


1g of fat = 9cal
1g of carb = 4cal

Think about it.


Yeah I know. I use the other two to compensate but not in the same proportions.