Damage control when drinking

hey guys, first I’d like to thank everyone for all their awesome information. I’m a college student, been training for about 3 years, with a 250 bench, prolly 10-15% BF range. Being in college, i have been binge drinking steadily anywhere from 1-3 times/week and i think it is causing me to platau in both muscle gain and fat loss (big surprise eh?). While I’m in school I dont feel like quitting drinking, but i was just wondering if I can minimize the negative affects of beer by one of the following.

  1. Drink no more than 6 beers, in stead of 6-10.
  2. Take those Hangover pills (they do seem to help with hangovers)
  3. Do my heavy lifting days on days when i don’t drink, and cardio on days when i do.
  4. Take more vitamins or other suppliment?

I read all that i could about this, and it seems that all is known is that drinking reduces T levels by up to 50%. I guess i’m just looking for a way to minimize my losses.

Thanks, Duff_man

Consider the new low carb beers that still kick ass (alcohol percentage unchanged).

I`ve seen one with the habitual percentage and that has 97 calories instead of 150.

Small different that counts if you multiply it by 6…

I was wondering the same thing, cept with me it’s not drinking, it’s the cocaine. I mean, usually, I only get strung out 4 days a week, but I can lift like an animal after doing a few lines.

Do you think it’s best that I hit the weights when I’m on? I think it’s awesome, my heart rate is through the roof and I’m shredded, so I think it’s all good…

You’ve got to be fucking kidding!

While we’re talking about damage control…I have a question also. I’m a student also and I like to eat Big Macs. Since I’m in college I’d like to eat as many Big Macs as I want and don’t plan on stopping because my age justifies it. In short, I want to minimize the effects of my crappy eating habits by taking a magic pill or supplement. Another option is that I can just do more cardio on non-eating days.

Sorry to have been so harsh with the translation, but that is exactly what your question sounded like to me. Because you are in college does not justify drinking like a maniac on a regular basis. (NOTE: If you feel the NEED to binge drink 2-3 times per week you’re likely an alcoholic and muscle mass is the least of your concerns)

There are many people in college who drink in moderation (6 beers is not moderation) on occasion because they care about their physique. Your age does not justify drinking all the time.

Another important point is that no supplement or hangover pill(???) is going to minimize the effects. If you want to minimize the effects of drinking…you guessed it…don’t drink as much or as often. Prioritize your goals and act accordingly.

seanc, are you kidding?!

i usually lift really good after unprotected sex with multiple prostitutes.

depending on how old you are, i’d consider taking an andro product before you drink to negate the T lowering effects of alcohol. then before u sleep take either a good vitamin or some ZMA. i stopped having hangovers just from taking ZMA before sleep. It also helps regulate your sleep patterns since alcohol disrupts them a bit. hope this helps

lumberjak: you too? Yeah thats some good shit right there. But i prefer to have sex with them WHILE i lift. And in between sets i like to do minute long keg stands to psych up for my next set. My gains have been going through the roof!!!


Yes, of course!

I was trying to sound as ridiculous as the oringal post( I don’t want to give up binge drinking…are you fucking kidding me? )



I deserve the insults/mocking that you guys wrote, and i know that drinking obviously isn’t good for you, but there are actually many students in my school in the same position as me. Thank you Lumberjack for the ZMA advice, i will look into it.

Now that i think about it, maybe if i got all roided up it would counterbalance the negative beer effects, leaving my endocrine system in a happy medium.

Just kidding.

Well no shit. It’s college. They all probably look like shit too.

Seriously bro, I always wonder when I see posts like this. You know what the answer is. I think you’re just reaching out in hopes that someone will help make you feel better.

Sober up drunkie,

i love drinking. 10 beers is by no means binge drinking either. unless you are drinking quart’s or 40oz.

reduce beer consumption and smoke pot. Pot has no calories so it’s actually good for you. it’ll help you fall asleep and concentrate more on your lifts.

Except it’s an appetite stimulator and muscle relaxant… stoopid.

Yes, I did realize the post was sarcasm.

what year are you in school? my freshman year i was red shirted so i didn’t get drug tested and could drink whenever i wanted. it got old fast and when i substituted one weekend nite of drinking for studying/work i started looking better and the grades went up.

i see in your profile you’re an engineer. me too (bioengineer-instrumentation focus with double minor in mechanics and math). and no matter where you go engineering is tough, so just keep your shit together. i’m done being your mommy, later

well as being in college, and a psych major ( just switched to business), socially its something that goes hand and hand, and although moderation is the key, drinking is an easy way to have a good time, and relieve some stress. If your diet is flawless, and you lift regularly, take extra Vit C, Milk Thistle, and a multi, you will be ok for the once in a while binge, but more than once a week you better invest alot more, like tribulis, ZmA, anti-estrogens, cause guess what…beer, namely hops, is one of the strongest phytoestrogens in nature hehe. Doesnt that suck. You can do what ever you want and have fun but you have to take measures to counteract it. I always do when i drink. Learn about alcohol and how your body metabolizes it, and you can gain a nice advantage.

Lumberjak, glad to hear from a fellow engineer. I’m studying mechanical engineering, and you’re right, it’s not easy but I work my ass off to be in the top 1/4 of my class so i’m by no means a slacker. After reading a little about ZMA, i think i’ll give it a try.

Stay healthy all,

Duff man

sorry Duff, i have to echo what everyone else says. you’re basically asking how to cheat yourself into making gains while consciously realizing that your drinking directly counteracts them. CONSCIOUSLY! i understand occasionally binge drinking in college - but 2-3 times a week? if you go out with your buds and can’t say no to a drink, or have them not understand why you can’t say no because of what you want to accomplish in the gym, tell’em to fuck off and join the chess team (as one big mother fucker), or deal with their scorn, get over their taunts, and become the biggest, strongest, fittest guy they know. otherwise, stop wasting money on hangover pills, whatever the fuck they are, and any other supplements. you might as well buy a new pair of steel toe boots and kick your own ass with them.

whats in a hangover pill anyway?