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Dam Dirty Snow- Rippetoe's w/o Squat?


I'm not trying to puss out of squatting here. I actually enjoy squatting.. Long story short: I train outside. It snowed a few night ago, My makeshift wooden squat rack got covered in ice, and due to some other variable went Kaboom.

Until around January the only place I can train is inside my bedroom.

I can do Deads, powercleans, OH Press, Bench, and pull-ups with the equipment I have.. to bad that leaves out the one crucial part of rippetoes.. The Back squat.

Any idea's on a program I could do? I'm still a Novice, but will adding weight to the bar still be effective If I'm not doing the squats?

My Powerclean is unusually high considering I've only done it a few times ( 150+lbs x3x5 ) at a bodyweight of 150-160bs. So Maybe front squatting is possible too minus the fact that if I dump the weight forward in my bedroom it's gonna be going though the wall.. ( Maybe FS's aren't a good idea.


Build a new rack of some sort, and move it inside when you're done using it.


You built a wooden squat rack too? That's awesome. I, however, have no suggestions on how to fix your problem. I am assuming that garage/basement lifting not possible?


front squats.



That's not a possibility. Hence this thread.

In 6-8 weeks I will have the money to buy one. I would like to train in a productive way until that time using the previously mentioned exercises. Ideas/ suggestions?


Clean the weight and go for front squats (higher reps if need be).


Agreed on the front squats.

You will not be able to push the really heavy weight, but its better than no squat at all.

You can also do single leg front squats if you need more of a challenge per leg.

Just get a chair or bench and put your other leg on it.


that sucks dude, any picks of this awesome sounding squat rack?
i remeber last year i had to drag all my weights and my rack outside on christmas eve because my gran was staying over in my room


Snatch-grip deads. The weight you can use and the positioning is pretty close to a back squat.

Front squats will be limited by how much you can clean, so you'd be taking an exercise that already limits the amount you can lift and then further limiting that lift just so you can get the bar into the starting position. You'd be better off doing Zercher lifts.


Zercher is a good choice. Also give overhead squats a try. I'm sort of worried about what would happen if you dropped the bar on any of your lifts.


Buy a pair of sawhorses and do bottom-up squats.


agreed. if the weight you can clean really limits the weight for front squats then add reps

One other possibility is zercher squats, picked up off the ground

Best idea yet, if you can afford the sawhorses


How common is this? I know I've seen a couple people on Marunde do some floor zerchers. I can't get anywhere near doing a zercher from the ground. Am I really that damn inflexible? Can most people do this?


Good advice here. The only issue with it is that you are more likely to let your form go with a snatch grip dead, so make sure you are keeping tight.

Front squats wouldn't be a bad choice at all if you can clean the weight, but if you are going to use front squats as your primary movement 3 days a week, then make sure you are adding in some kind of hamstring work as accessory work, to keep things balanced. Front squats are very quad dominant, and you'll want to add in more posterior chain work to make up for not back squatting.


I've done it before, but I would have to check to confirm 100% that I can still get down low enough. I'm pretty flexible in a full squat position tho. If I give it a try it'll only be w 135 given how my backs been lately.


try deadlifting the bar onto your knees, then regripping it in the zercher position.
like atlas stones


haha no. I just sort of built in on a whim one day with some left over wood from when my house was buit. I was talking it over with my grandfather, and I may be able to put my weights in his shed if there is room once me move his carpentry shit around.. In which case I will try to make another rack.