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Dallas Sniper Attack


This is crazy. BLM protest turns deadly with cops coming under fire, suspect wanted to kill white cops.


And this is what happens when massive numbers of low IQ vermin are allowed to riot in the streets.

And I hope no one will be holding their breath awaiting Obama’s very sad words for the brave men and women who serve and protect and died in the line of duty. No…he only cares about black people who are usually in the wrong.


Of course we can always blame it on the “human race” to deflect blame from the killer.


Expecting obama to turn this into his gun control agenda in 3…2…1…We have lift off!


He will not shed one tear or lose any sleep over this.


Why does it seem that whenever heat is applied to the Democrats in power, something like this follows. And also, check out the stats…I wonder how many non black people were killed by cops that very same day?



I am guessing here, but there had to be at least 3 shooters. 2 over head, 1 on the ground. Based on all the footage I have seen that’s what I can garner.


They have ripped this country apart with them shoving their hyper-liberal agenda down our throats and everybody is at each other’s throat. Naturally, the only way to get people to accept it, is to issue more control over people.
Now they whine about gun control… There is no way in hell the one suspect we know about would have been denied to buy firearms. He’s either a vet or active military with no criminal record. Technically, prior to this action, a guy like that would be a hero and one of the one’s people say should own firearms.
No control measure would stop a guy like that from buying weapons. None, zero, zip.


And since there was a clean record, no problems…all the more reason to clamp down even more. This fits their narrative more than the known priors and/or mentally ill argument. Trust me.


What About All Lives Matter, they are having black lives matter up here in Iowa, tonight right Before a three day music festival, so all these ultra Liberals, might get their man purses stolen from them might change opinions. Any their have been no blacks, shot without do cause in iowa in year’s , dont people realize black on white crime is 9 to 1. These people just want something to bitch about, this is a cycle that must be broken, how we do it i don’t no. But don’t do it by taking non criminals guns, last summer in my apartment community we were having groups of 20 to 50 gangbangers gathering at night, harassing people. They had several people call cops. I know a cop from gym apperently they changed policies after that piece of crap in Ferguson got shot. I have black freinds from gym and coworkers. We got things in common we work for a living and workout. I do agree with you zeb1.


The shooter was an Army Reserve veteran who served in Afghanistan and lived in the Dallas area, apparently had no criminal record in Texas. But let the “we must have expanded background checks” sewage begin, as if it would have done anything to stop this bastard.


One more point that should be examined. Why is it that the Black Lives Matter group has yet been designated as a hate group? What is the point of their existence? Claiming that one race is better than another seems quite racist to me. If the Klu Kux Klan rioted and burned down buildings the National Guard would be called out to crush them and rightly so. But BLM gets a pass because they are black?

We live in very sick times. And I hope it is obvious to all that electing Obama not only didn’t help race relations but made things a hell of a lot worse.


Well, some people got what they wanted.




…and there sure as Hell better be a LOT of people looking in the mirror as much as they are looking at the President, Zeb…


We have that, it’s called church.

I’m willing to bet that many in BLM have better things to do with their families on Sunday. (Heavy sarcasm intended.)


They didn’t have get up and go to work in morning i guess, at least they didn’t burn down their neighborhoods like Ferguson.


So, drones are now being used to kill suspects no arrest, trial, etc.? Too dangerous for the police.

To bad the suspect was not an unarmed man, pregnant woman, teenager, handicapped or mentally disabled person a bullet or fists would have gotten the job done.


Yea, that is a pretty dangerous situation and likely to end with more than just the suspect dead had the police attempted to take him alive. He stated he had bombs and was going to kill as many cops as he could. If he wanted to live, he could have dropped his weapon and surrendered.