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Dallas McCarver RIP

He looked like a nice guy. What a shame.

Few days ago he said he was pushing 320 pounds.

He was mid 20s right?

26 I believe.

Holy shit, I didn’t hear about this until reading this post just now. No details yet it seems. What a shame, to go so early in life.

Looking at @Chris_Colucci’s article, a lot of these guys were ~30, with some in their 20’s.

They say he choked to death while he was eating but no information is confirmed right now. It is so sad for his family.

I didn’t realize but Dave Palumbo said he was 6’3", so he did have a lot of room for the size. Back in the day, Gunter was 300+ on stage. So was Big Lou in his Masters contests, so it’s not unheard of for taller guys to get that big and not necessarily the same stress as a shorter guy being that same size.

He was 8th in last year’s Olympia and runner-up to Ced McMillan at this year’s Arnold (second from the left). Seemed like he had a great future in the sport:

Surprising and sad news.

I have worried a few times about choking on food while alone. Asked a Fireman/EMT before on what do to, he said to force your stomach onto the back of a chair or sofa and fall onto it to try to replicate the heimlich maneuver.

Let us see if this first story stands.

What the fuck??!!! Literally just saw this. Damn, he was a great BBer and super strong. Always seemed like such a great guy. He literally just posted a video on his instagram 19 hours ago. So sad man.

On geez, I just saw this as it’s coming in on different social media streams. I don’t want to start saying maybe it was this or maybe it was that because at the end of the day it’s always sad when anyone, especially someone so relatively young passes.

I will say though that it does make you wonder what the reasons behind this unfortunate event were, and if it’s something that could have been avoided.



Im so shocked. like wow. and at 26 too (no puns intended)
At first I was gunna be the asshol that blamed his constantly getting too big too soon but holy shit chocking on food. This guy had so much potential to be Mr. Olympia. he could have been one too in my opinion if he kept at it. Such a sad day. RIP man such a shitty way to go.

Wow. Sorry to see the guy pass.

Yeah, at first I thought people were making a stupid joke, but it seems as though that’s what really happened. Crazy way to go :confused:


Well looks like finally happened, possible first sudden-death from insulin for an IFBB level pro

Josh Lenartowicz the guy who found him, has put it out there “off the record” that he took a massive dose of peptides and insulin and then passed out midmeal with food in his airways.

He was apparently sometimes up to 30iu of humalog per meal! (apparently the max dose for Type 1 diabetic! )

Condolences to the family. If this is true hope its a massive wake up call

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Damn what a shame, such a young age!

Damn shame. Choking on food is fucking scary. Almost happened to me once.

So I was hesitant to comment on what led to his choking on food, but it seems the 911 tape has been made public.


care to share what’s on the tape so I don’t have to look all over the internet for it?

I’ve heard he passed out with food in his mouth after a large insulin dose. What’s on the tape?

It’s pretty much what everyone already knows, but it’s just kinda rough that it’s out there so shortly after he passed, and of course everyone’s screaming about PEDs.


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Pretty much everyone has been inconsiderate about him that knows nothing of the sport or PEDs. They’re all bypassing the fact that he seemed like a genuinely nice guy who really enjoyed life. It’s pretty fucked up. No one wants to see people they care about get trashed like that especially over something most know nothing about.