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Dallas McCarver 3 Weeks Out of Arnold Classic


Saw this recent video of Dallas taking a trip to see Jim Manion 3 weeks out of the Arnold Classic. What do you think, will he be ready?

This guy is big as a house and is obviously storming his way through the ranks, but man, for 3 weeks out he is looking like he’s going to miss the target for the Arnold on March 4th. I believe he stopped working with Matt Jansen, who seemed to have a really solid grasp of Dallas and what he responds well to, and is now working with Chad Nicholls, not sure how they differ or what’s changed about his protocol. I don’t have any knowledge of how the drugs and show protocols of the pros will change his appearance, I’m sure he’ll lean out and dry up a little more, but I can’t imagine any combination of diet, cardio and drugs will get him tight enough to be a serious contender.


No doubt that Dallas is a huge MFer. I don’t think that the issue will Dallas being tight enough…I believe his serious problem has always existed in the lack of midsection control while posing.
He has a pretty prominent midsection to start with…probably from the vast amounts of “food” he has to eat…and I’ve noticed (in all the stage appearances I’ve witnessed) that he doesn’t control his breathing well and, therefore, isn’t able to keep his stomach sucked-in or contracted throughout the pose.

His glute-ham tie-in is really great and striated already (without a tan), which tells me that he’s fairly close to being dialed-in in the lower half, which is predominantly the last half to become stage ready. Makes me wonder if he’ll be able to get his midsection under control for the Arnold.

You can use all the diaretics and drugs you want to drop fat and water, but if your GI track itself is big (distended midsection), you can’t really get around that. I’m sure he will look respectable and have a good showing on his own, but next to the other pros, he won’t shine. I don’t see a high placing this year…things can change.

Shit ton of potential…


My thought: too much drugs too soon, leading to all the aforesaid problems.


Food? I think it is too much GH, and IGF-1. If you look at pics that are just a couple years old even his facial features look larger. This guy is growing everywhere.


I was using the word food in place of drugs. I edited my response to include “food” rather than just food.

Eating a duck ton of actual food will distend the gut too…so…both types of food.


I don’t typically agree with Shawn Ray’s opinions, and I don’t agree with everything he says here, but I think he gives a pretty good response to Dallas’s posing video…


Yeah this. A bit sad actually


Cedric saves bodybuilding??..