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I live in Arlington, Tx… near Dallas and Ft.Worth and I can not find a store with Biotest products anywhere… anyone know?

Hey man I’m in north Irving area, Valley Ranch and to the best of my knowlege we’re just gonna have to order online… post if you find one though…

Discount Sports Nutrition in Denton carries some Biotest stuff: MD6, Tribex, Androsol (don’t know about Nandrosol), and Powerdrive. The do not have Surge nor the protein. I wasn’t looking for Grow!, so I don’t know about that one. Anyway, you can find them on the web, also, and see if they have a Dallas outlet (which I think they do). The Denton store is in a mall right on I-35 which would be very convenient if you were heading north on I-35 for some reason.