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Dallas/Ft. Worth T-Cell Report

Wow what a day. Firebug (Malinda), Yorbabarbell (Paul), and Lightrat(Jon) met me at my school’s gym to have a workout, some chat, and some lunch afterwards. Once again meeting other T-Nationers proves to be nothing short of inspirational. You simply MUST attend if you are remotely close to the DFW area when we next do this (which we hope to make an every month event). Paul and Malinda are tremendously TOUGH individuals and I will be picking their brains clean of knowledge every chance I get.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention Paul brought his training partner (and 4 year old son) Louie with him. That kid is pure gold, and I know when they see the pics some ladies uterii are going to skip a beat.

Lightrat definately got the hook-up of the day. Malinda’s daughter is a powerlifter like momma and she’s practically roped Jon into a date. The poor guy didn’t know what hit him between the lifting advice, me recruiting him for wrestling, Malinda and I giving him nutrition advice, and the lure of the T-daughter.

Now on to the pics!

I’ll let Malinda explain her hobbies, but if I understand correctly she just won 2nd place in the world powerlifting championships in South Africa. Here she is warming up with some cable rows:

err, here’s one with the pic.

And of course the post-PR grandstanding!

two of Paul helping Jon perfect his box squat form.


Paul doing some easy OH presses:

Paul cranking out some weighted pullups

Paul and Malinda giving Jon encouragement with his deadlifts.

And Jon psyching up to DL

Malinda prepping for floor presses:

Malinda doing “odd-lifts”

Paul smiling after a set of weighted dips.

I’ll finish up with 2 of Big Louie doing some PWO lounging:

Last one! I’ve got more pics, y’all, so if you’d like them (I have more pics of all of you), PM me and I’ll send you the link)

It was a great time. I will be picking the brains as well…never can know enough about lifting and nutrition.

Hopefully we can have the whole gym full next time.

And Yes you did have that right - second place at World Masters Powerlifting meet. Still working on the Gold – but it will come in time.

Thanks for opening up the Gym for a wonderful workout and good conversation.


Hey, this is cool. I am in the Dallas ft.worth area…let me know next time yall hookup…


It was great to meet everyone yesterday. Greg you are too kind in your praise of my ill-behaved son yesterday. Thanks for teaching him how to skip rope wrestling style. Stay safe everybody and I expect to see a lil more iron on everyone’s bar when we meet next time. PM me for anything else. Great pics!

PS Louie won the family fishing tourney yesterday with a 1.5 lb crappie. I got 8 small catfish, the wife got 2 small ones and the twins “touched” nemo-ie the small perch that would occasinally take our bait. Again, see y’all (and hopefully more0 next time out.

Where was this held at? I’d be interested in going.

Paul told me about this meeting. I was in Arlington visiting my grandma and stopped by Sam Houston since it wasn’t too far away. I wasn’t sure where yall were at though (didn’t see too many cars). I’ll probably head over there if yall do it again.