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Dallas/Ft. Worth Area T-Cell!


I'm thinking on Sunday Feb 12 as our next get-together. I'm happy to offer up my school's gym again, or feel free to make suggestions. Malinda will be at a powerlifting meet, but she's got some ideas she wanted run by y'all, so let's get together and do the lift/lunch thing again.

Who's in?


I'm relatively new to T-Nation. I live in Carrollton. What exactly do ya'll do during these get-togethers?


I didn't attend the first one, but I'm certainly interested in this one. My calendar is free so far. What are the details? PM me!!!



Hey give me a shout with the details. I Dj Sat night and Sunday may be a stretch. I live in Euless area.



No REAL details just yet - we've only done this once so far, and we all go together at my gym, since I have the keys and it's closed on Sunday, and all lift together, share techniques, etc. Then we head out for some Massive Eating.

Last time there were four of us, including a strongman competitor, a female powerlifting champ, a wrestling coach, and a rower. Lots of great info to spread around!

Figure late morning Sunday Feb 12. Mark it in your books and we'll keep trying to spread the word.


I hate that I am going to miss this -- but it is for a great reason! So, gather and lift without me :frowning: and I will hopefully come home with some hardware for the missed session! You guys will have a blast............



Hey guys,
I can't make this one but I'd love to meet y'all. I take the bar exam in a few weeks so all I do is study these days. I used to powerlift and would like to again. I train at Stroud's.


this sounds like somehing I'd be interested in. PM me with the details as soon as they're set and I'll mark it on my calendar


Hey just aheads up. This sunday is super sunday....Can we post pone until the Sunday after the 5th?


Were is you gym?


If Feb 5 is super sudnay, then I don't see the conflict. Am I missing something???

Oh and the school where I teach is in Arlington. I have the run of the building on wekends - great weight room, wrestling room (w/ spring loaded floor, mats, medicine balls) and the track or football field.



The date listed is for the 12th, so I don't think it is a problem, unless you plan on being hung over that long.....


opps.....thats what happens when you are thinking about this weekend and very busy at work and things just pile up.....


oh...new avator is how I feel today.... switch from my normal club DJ one.....


Bump for the latecomers.

We had like 10 people post after the fact the last time we had a get-together. Y'all said you'd come to the next one.

Where are you guys?


I'm thinking of coming, do you have an address that I can map to?


We're working on our plans to come up! Our 5 yr old has Friday off school, so the timing works out great for us. I hate using most of our weekend DRIVING to a destination, so the 'extra' day off from school should work out well for us. :slight_smile:


The stars are aligning for me to come. Time? Location? YEEARGH. I'm ready!!!


what time are you planning for?


For time: I'm thinking around 11am. Would that work?

Place is: Sam Houston High School
2000 Sam Houston Drive
Arlington, Texas 76014

There is a small entrance at the baseball field towards the bak of the school - the Southwest corner of the school, basically. Come in and park in the small parking lot at the back. There will be a door close to a large sign for our cosmetology school and close to some large piles of scarp metal for our metalshop. You want the door that's in the corner. I'll try and put a sign or something taped to the door.

my cell is 682-465-5424 in case you get lost!


Hey Greg,

I won't be able to make it this time as I train on Sunday mornings now with Josh Bryant. I hope your event goes well and I do hope they have a test fest here in DFW-Josh and I would be willing to participate in that and help out etc. If you haven't seen my posts lately I am promoting the Texas strongest man contest in conjunction with the Ronnie Coleman BBing classic on May 13th in Grapevine. I will be needing all the help I can get-so if you know any young strong, good kids that I could hire as loaders/spotters I would be interested-and I would pay them for their time and also invite them to Josh's seminar for free the next day at metrofelx in Arlington. I am also looking for a good announcer and some scoring help etc. Please let me know and I hope thigs are going well for you. How's the wrestling team this season?