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Going to tbe Staley Bootcamp has inspired me to try and get something regular going with all of us. I know there are a BUNCH of us out there - many of whom I met at the Waterbury seminar last year.

So, here's my proposition. Let's all get together one day a month and let's train together and grab some post-workout food.

If it's not too early, I'd like to propose Sunday, October 30 as the first date. I coach at a school in Arlington and we would have our whole gym - complete with deadlift platform an bumper plates - to ourselves. We could go nuts with whatever we wanted to do!

What do y'all think?


I live in Flower Mound and have a nice set up in my gym. I have 2" handled alumitech farmers walk handles, a 12" alumitech log, a 72 lb kettlebell, all of the ironmind grippers, and many more neat toys.

As for your choice of date-I would love to make it-but I don't know how hard I will train that day as I have the strongest man in america contest the following weekend in Massachusetts. Great to see your post and hope we can get something like this going. I'm in. Let me know.


Wow! We definately need to train out your way sometime soon. Post here when you're back from your contest and we'll hopefully have enough people gathered. Kick some ass in Mass, brutha!


I'm in north fort worth, fossil creek and would love to get together. Not sure what kind of help I'd be in strongman workouts (given a few mountain bike racing injuries I'm currently nursing), but let me know what date. I'm out of town on the 30th, but keep me posted on whatever other date is set.


Hey I am game some time. I will only be able to make on the days I get off from work. I work in Richardson, but live in Killeen......so you see my difficulty. Keep me posted.



Well we are getting the ball rolling with some folks. Nice to see you Malinda-be safe at work! As i posted-I will not be training with strongman implements that day-as that is not part of my contest-but if folks are getting together for sure-I would like to come by and say hello-just for future t cell meetings. If you were doing it at a place where i could over head press a bar or axl and do some chins-I am in for the 30th. Just let me and everyone know. Looking forward to meeting likeminded folks.


I'ev got 4 power racks, 4 dead/oly lift platforms, benches, ez bars, incline benches, and assorted other crap. Malinda - which direction is Killeen from Richardson and when do you work? That'll help me clue in where you're going to be and I can schedule us better.

I suggested Sundays because as a wrestling coach, my fridays and saturdays are taken up with tournaments. Otherwise - loser that I am - my Saturdays would be free :slight_smile:


I'm in north Dallas. I'd have to take it easy though because of my badly screwed up shoulders.


Ok - Killeen is South on 35 of Richardson. I work every third day -- today is a workday so you can work it out from there. So, 20, 23, 26, 29 oct. The 30th works for me this time!

Earlier is better for me....but hey I am open.



Sounds like a good idea. I live in Dallas off 75, this would be fun to do every once in a while


Ok, so let's plan for the 30th of October - what time. 10am early enough for you? You guys name the time, and I've got the place!


I am fine with 10-I will be there with my trusty training partner.


Dang aikigreg, I lived in Arlington from the 5th grade up until a little after high school. My folks live there and my dad is an Arlington police officer, whom you may well know, if you are coaching. What school are you at?

I would absolutely love to be a part of this, but I am currently out of the country. You guys have fun.

Bumper plates...mmm....


I coach wrestling at Sam Houston high. So sorry you're AWOL. How long as you going to be gone? What are you doing in Japan?

Thankfully I don't know your Dad - I'm sure of that, since I NEVER get caught :wink:


I would be interested in meeting and sharing in some training and eating, unless of course this is a train and shame moment with mass monsters! :wink:

Sunday at 10:00 would be a challenge for me as I am usually meeting with my church. Perhaps I could skip and attend the Church of the Iron, but real T-men don't skip, unless it is part of their sprinting intervals.

Malinda, I had an uncle who, years ago, was a top dog in the Richardson FD. Crusty old man. May have seen his picture on the house dart board somewhere?

And aikgreg, which one are you in the group picture of Waterbury's Dallas trip?
I'll see if I can rearrange some things. I'd love to hang out with the group.


10 am should be great -- just give me directions..........please!



Really - What is his name? Not many on the dart boards these days......but you never know.



I'm working at a private school here. Have been for nearly four years and will probably won't be back for another two or three. I buy a $20 week at Metroflex whenever I visit home. If this becomes a regular thing keep me updated or keep a regular post going so that, if I'm ever in town I can join.

Yall have fun.


I live in Frisco, and would like to make it. Maybe someone can give me pointers on my deadlift form.


I would love to get in on it too if I could. I live in Carrollton. I'm only about to turn 18 though, there's no age limit is there? -Jon