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Dallas Fitness Freaks


I'm living in Dallas, TX and was wondering how many others are living in the DFW area and where you train. I'm a 24 Hour Fitness member usually go to the one on Mockingbird and Greenville.


I train at the 24 Hour gym downtown, although the one on Central @ Royal is good for racquetball.


On MWF I lift at Express Fitness in Allen. It sucks balls though so I train at my old high school football teams gym alot of the time. Its bad A, they won state so they got hooked up with some sweet booster money and dropped it on the weightroom


Dynamic Barbell in FW. I've never actually trained there but the owner Erick Minor has written a couple articles for the site and trainer Chad Blake has been gracious enough to be really helpful in corresponding with me over my various issues, even though I'm a noob and they have some pretty elite clientele. I'd like to get people referred to them just because Chad has been so nice to me and I never even showed up at their gym. I did register for their spring strength competition but had something last-minute come up, which sucked, because I was pretty pumped for it, even if I know I would have been awful, haha.



Im sure Phil will chime in, but there is bad attitude gym in carrollton. Also a new metroflex just opened in plano with what looks to be a lot of good equipment. At the moment tho I train in my garage(I live in Aubrey).


Lifetime Fitness in Garland.


I work out at the 24 in Allen when I'm back home from school. If you played for Allen, we may have played together back in the day


The SMU gym. It's wonderful. I don't think I've ever had to wait for a power rack or lifting platform.


When did you play?


Don't know bout you guys but if I lived in TX the only place I would want any business with would be with Metroflex.


Stroud's in Hurst


You couldn't go wrong in Metroflex, SMU, Dynamic Barbell, or Bad Attitude either.

Between Stroud's, the gym on base at NAS JRB Carswell in Fort Worth, and my garage gym at home i can't complain.


Graduated 07, left junior year to go to a private school.


Train at The Keller Pointe in Keller, TX. Its a rec center but you will actually see the trainers using many techiques used by the authors here. You will almost always here weights hitting the floor because people are actually deadlifting. Lots of youth but most are willing to learn so they don't get in the way too much.