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Dallas Europa Strongman Contest Write-Up


This is my second big contest in three weeks and was excited to go to Dallas since I have never been there before. I flew in late Thursday and made weight at 230.2 lbs wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Was feeling a bit anxious on Friday morning and was not able to eat much; decided to head over to the expo early.

Day One:

Log Clean & Press:
The weight was 280-285 lbs using Williams Strength logs, clean each rep. I managed to press out six reps in about 45 seconds then regroup and forced out a 7th rep just before time expired. 1st Place

Car Deadlift:
The car was a full size (Toyota Camry) so the handles were pushed out a bit and raised by about an inch. A few people were struggling with the car in warm-ups so I decided not to try it until it counts. Because of the win on the log I was able to go last on the deadlift and the number to beat was 5 reps. Pulled a clean six reps for the win and then stopped. Mike Johnston got the crowd into it and everyone was cheering for another rep so I went back and pulled a 7th before time expired. 1st Place.

Going into day two I was in 1st Place by three points...

Day Two:

Yoke Race:
The yoke was loaded to 790-795 lbs and the course was about 60-65 feet. I just wanted to finish without any drops rather than make a big mistake. Completed the course without a drop but my time was 18 seconds which gave me 3rd place.

Press Medley:
The implements were a 325 log, 310 axle, 150 dumbbell, and 250 lbs block. I managed to press the log, axle, and dumbbell in under 30 seconds so decided to give the block a try. When I went to clean the block I smashed myself in the chin with it on the second attempt. Eventually got it cleaned but was exhausted and was not able to complete the press. 1st Place

Farmers / Sled Medley:
The farmers walk was 320 lbs for 65 feet and then the sled was about 750 lbs. If you did not finish the farmers you would zero the event. At this point I had a two point lead in the overall but if I did not complete this event I would not be able to recover with only one event left, and I had never done a farmers this heavy. On the first pick I made it 50-55 feet, took a breath and finished the farmers! Grabbed the sled and was only able to move it a few feet but went over and wiped off my shoes then pulled the sled about 30 feet before time expired. 2nd Place

Atlas Stones:
The stones were 300, 330, 360, 390, and 420 to 52" (spaced out boxes). All of the stones were brand new and did not have any tacky on them. I loaded the first three stones with pretty good speed but was not able to get the 390 lapped since my hands were dusty and tacky was gone. This event was very close and I pulled out the win by .03 seconds. 1st Place

I took home 1st Place and the Pro Card! This contest also qualified me for the 2011 Arnold Amateur World Championships.

There are too many people to thank but I really appreciate all of the support and encouragement from my training partners, friends, and family. I am looking forward to competing at the next level.

Here is an article from IronMind:



Video of a couple of the events...


nice job on the win, you looked like a beast on the stones


Thank you.


Congrats, you earned that one.

Heavy show, especially the overhead. 325 log in a medley, wow things just keep getting crazier...


Thank you.

The block was actually the toughest implement, no one in either weight class pressed it.