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Dallas Cowboys, 16-0?


So I'm talking to my friend about our teams and out of the blue he says about his Dallas Cowboys, "I think my boys can go 16-0!" So, of course I'm surprised and I ask, "Why the fuck would you think that?"

He calmly states, "Looking at their schedule it favors the Cowboys. GB even though it's at Lambeau, Woodson is still injured and Rogers hasn't played a good team yet. Washington, Cincinnati, Tampa, @Arizona and @St. Louis shouldn't be a problem. @NY, Tuck can't solve our O'line by himself. That's 9-0 before the BYE.
We get two weeks to prepare for Washington after the BYE, then my team STOMPS your team SF and Seattle at home. We have a week and a half to prepare for @Pit. which definitely helps us, and then it's back for NY and Baltimore at home.
So we're standing at 15-0, with @Philly which will be changed to a Monday night game."

I had to check D's schedule again, and the more I looked at it, the more I thought it could be possible. I seriously doubt any team could go 16-0 again, but..........


I doubt they go 16-0, but they'll be close. About Rogers not playing a good team; the Vikings supposedly has one of the better defenses in the league and also Rogers did decent against the Cowboys last year without the preparation that he has this year.

We saw on Monday that Dallas definitely has their flaws.


They get the Giants twice and have to go to Philly. They could easily lose all 3 of those.








Last years Buffalo game. The fumble in the end zone Monday night. The inexplicable interceptions on occasion. Romo is good but he'll fuck up at least 1 game with a stupid stupid play.


Career choke artist


They have a lot of talent but they don't have what it takes to go 16-0. And by 'what it takes' I mean a quarterback that can get it done on every play because that is what it will take to go undefeated in the regular season.


It also takes a healthy amount of luck. Last year's 16-0 Pats got stuffed on 4th down in the final minute at BAL, only to find that the Ravens DEF coordinator had been mistakenly granted a last-second timeout from the sideline.


Agreed with all points stated above. They're going to be a good team, but I still think Philly will end up being the clas of the NFC East. I'd really like it if my Packers could exact some revenge next week... bastards.


Dallas: 19-0, not no 18-1 bullshit.


If Romo gets some pussy than your thread is worthless!!


No, because Romo could fuck up a wet dream.

The guy is an accident.

(Yes, I see my avatar. I don't have to like everything about them)


16-0? lol, yeah they're good, but no where near good enough to even beat some of the all-time great teams and most of them didn't go 16-0


If they go 16-0, then the second coming of Jesus will happen during the Superbowl as the Dolphins beat the Falcons after Quadruple overtime with the final score of 294-156.


impossible; overtime is sudden death


I know.


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Homers and now with politics, both are blind.


He is building JerryWorld.

Or he probably paid them 4-6 suitcases of 100's. He can do that.