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Daisy Duke - Enjoy


Here's a little something for you to do to take your mind off things.


It's nothing pornographic so you should be ok to open it if you're at work - in fact if you are at work then this should definately brighten up your day!





Nice....don't forget to click the 'embiggen' link.


That's beautiful!


Thank you!


While he may be mildly retarded, Nick Lachay is the MAN for having the legal rights to bang that chick.



well that sure did brighten my day!


I think you are my hero.


Glad you fellas enjoyed it.

I thought i couldn't keep this to myself, that would have been selfish.



I love you man. It's people like you that help better society.


Someone has to much time on their hands. I just can't figure out if it's them or me.


That was AWESOME!



Just mildly?


What is wrong with Nick? He seems like a really good guy. I find the Newlyweds show extremely entertaining. Are you just judging him because he was in a "boy band" at one time?


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Why is this thread not 5 stars?


Is there nipple in the 3rd frame?


You bet it is!