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Dairy Queen Weekends...

Funny story that will lead to a question…

I’m pretty strict with my diet during the week while I’m at work and train 4 or 5 days out of the week. With that being said, which will bring to my question, on the weekends I tend to slack a bit. I realized this for sure this weekend when the guy at the Dairy Queen drive through window recognized me and aplogized becaues they discontinued the Reeses Peices Blizzard. I got my Butterfinger Blizzard and drove off and made a joke to my wife wondering which was worse. That guy from Dairy Queen knows me or the bartender at the local pizza joint knows us from being there quite a bit for all you can eat chicken wings and pizza… Hmmmm…

OK… With that little side note, I was curious what you folks do on the weekends or non training days. I feel like I can’t eat the same on the weekends, for one I usually have so much other stuff going on and 2 I like to sleep in. Sometimes until 10 or 11. During the week I’m up at 5:30 and start in with my 6 egg whites and oatmeal with Grow!.. Do you guys not sleep in? Do I just need to suck it up and be a little more dedicated if I’m trying to get rid of some fat?

I’m pretty sure my weekend diet is my main issue and I really want to correct this…

Give me some thoughts…



P.S. One final thought, not that I should use this as an excuse, but wife is part of this problem. See, she doesn’t like anything that’s good for her. She could eat pizza for every meal. No, she isn’t 250lbs, she’s about 110 and wears a size 2 so it’s not a concern to her… : ) It doesn’t help me though when she wants to order a pizza or make a Dairy Queen run…

Yeah buddy, you know the answer to this question-- while the weekend slack-off may not reverse 5 days of hard training and eating, it doesn’t help your cause one bit. You will clearly make better progress if you suck it up and dedicate yourself.

If you have to, plan your weekend meals on thursday/friday and maybe even make them in advance too. It’s a lot easier to say “no” to pizza and ice-cream if you have premade food in the fridge that you were already planning to eat at a designated time.

RIT Jared

Personally, I go a little crazy on the weekends. I am pretty lean…

9.8 BFP

I lift and run 6 days a week (including my cheat day). After working out on that cheat day, all hell breaks loose. I’ve seen myself eat multiple pizzas + a 1/2 gallon of ice cream + a half-dozen donuts + etc, all in one day. Sometimes I think I go overboard, but hey, I am strict as hell all week long. After about 16 months of doing this, I have yet to notice any negative results.

Wait a minute… They discontinued what?! Say it isn’t so!

Well, I guess the bright side is I won’t be tempted by DQ anymore…

There’s always the Reeces Pieces 5-scoop sundae from Friendly’s :wink:

LJ- It’s all about habit! You can purposely create good ones on the weekends, or you can casually fall into bad ones. Either way, you will form a habit!

LJ, maybe you can whittle it down a little bit.

It’s no fun going through life without ever eating something that simply isn’t going to be in line with your goals. However, maybe you can cheat on your diet in a more moderate way.

Instead of going for the all you can eat type of thing, get the foods you deprive yourself of but in normal meal quantities. You are still cheating and eating the same foods, just keep it down to smaller serving sizes. Alternately, cheat with a better option, like a frozen yogurt or something. It’s not the same, but you still go through the drive-thru with your wife that way.

This lets you indulge with the wife but not do so much damage.

Alternately, pick one bad habit for each day. In other words, don’t combine the DQ visit with another cheat meal items on the same day. This way you can moderate the amount of crap going into your system over the course of any particular day.

Heck, if you have trouble even doing that, maybe give yourself one weekend a month where you drop all the rules. Then put a bit more control into the other weekends.

Anyway, if you want to make progress and aren’t, you’ll have to figure something out.

I think you have a pretty big problem with how either you and/or your wife view her eating habits. You say that because she is a size 2 and weighs 110lbs, that her poor eating habits are not too much concern (please correct me if I am wrong on my interpretation of this). It is not a good idea to consider weight/figure to be the only thing that diet is good for. Your wife sounds like a very small woman and because of this she is much more likely to develop osteoporosis or osteopenia when she ages. If she is asian or fair skinned, she is at even more of a risk.
We all know that your body is made up of cells but what may not be known is that some scientists estimate that the body regenerates a significant amount of its cell volume over a period of give or take 7 years. Basically your wife is building her house (i.e. body) with inferior materials and is setting herself up for future problems much more serious than whether or not her ass looks good in a pair of leather pants (no offense, I love hot chicks in leather pants!)
Try to think of all the crap she eats as being the potential building blocks for her body over the next 7 years and it soon becomes no mystery as to why all these supposedly healthy and thin people are stricken with chronic disease, poor immune health, and worst off, cancer.
You must also question how supportive such a diet is to her weight training routine. A person with non lee priest genetics is not going to reap the full benefit from their program without a supportive diet.
Weight training vital to a woman like your wife becuase of her small frame in order to ward off some of the aforementioned structural diseases.
What I have found that has worked in my effort to improve my once shitty diet, is to eat 6 times a day, 7 days a week, and to make 80 to 90 percent of my meals “healthy”. If I am bulking=80, if I am trying to lean out=90.
this works out roughly to 4 to 8 shitty meals or snacks a week
some of my favorite shitty foods are:
baked ziti pizza (reg. pizza with ziti’s and ric. cheese)
home made chocolate chip cookies with lindt chocolate chips
crispy creme chocolate frosted glazed donuts
french toast with butter and shitty high fructose corn syrup syrup.
vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups (6 cups to every pint of icecream)
ultimate fries (fries with a 3 cheese blend and bacon bits)
reeses pieces
chicken parm sandwiches with hot and tomato sauce stuffed with mozzarella sticks

Go on a bulk cycle… a major bulking cycle. Eat everything you can, all the time.
Aside from that, I gotta agree with Vroom, and well, everybody else who posted. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love, because then what is the point of all of this training stuff? just limit your intake to reasonable ammounts.


Consider what Berardi said about “cheating” not so long ago: if you are eating 5-6 times/day, that’s approximately 3 dozen or more times each week when you are taking in appropriate nutrition. 1 or 2 indulgences per week won’t ruin your game plan.

1 or 2 DAYS of indulgence (say…Saturday and Sunday), aren’t so good. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a “treat”; don’t make it a 24-48 hour experience.

As for the wife: I bet she’ll not only still be seen in public with you if you order something healthier than her choice, but your actions might even make her think about ordering something healthier, and therefore remove that temptation from the table.

You have plenty of options depending on your diet and lifestyle. Below I wrote down a few examples:

Charles Poliguin uses 5 days of low carb then 2 days of high carb with the majority of his athletes.

I alternate low carb weeks with high carb weeks with some of my athletes.

With other athletes I use a peridized nutrition plan, which involves:
3-5 weeks high carb/high fat with the goal 2-5 pounds gain of lean body mass.
Then a 3-5 week period of low carb/moderate fat with the goal of a reduction of 5-6 pounds of adipose tissue(fat). I alternate the above phases until the athletes goal is achieved.

The Bulgarian Coaches have there athletes alternate high carb/low fat days with low carb/high fat days, it is very similar to CT fat loss methods.

I’ve only been experimenting with this approach for a couple weeks, but it’s working wonders so far. On Fridays I workout with weights as scheduled, but also eat LIGHTLY all day. By eating lightly I mean just enough to keep me from turning into a really irritable prick.

That evening I eat and drink whatever I want from about 6:00 pm on. The next morning I sleep in and it also happens to be my scheduled rest day.

All week long I am extremely strict with my diet. I don’t count calories, but I am concious of not taking in too much carbs and only eat until I am satisfied, not stuffed. I am still thinking of cutting back on the cheat night a little more by not eating quite the amount I have been, but still allowing myself to indulge.

I am busting my ass in the gym also-Meltdown II 3x’s/week and high intensity cardio 3x’s/week, along with 25 minutes of powerwalking 5 or more x’s/week. It’s all worth it though.

I am getting leaner and still able to enjoy some things(beer, pizza, etc.) that I like, along with my friends and family that may not be as dedicated to as fit lifestyle.

And by breaking things up in to one week increments, it makes all the hard dieting and workouts easier mentally when you know you only have 6 more days at the most until you can have your Butterfinger Blizzard!

I have made a Saturday trip to Dairy Queen for months. After Berardi’s article about nutritional displacement I have tried to reign in my Saturday binge eating. I try to eat a decent breakfast and then usually have a big cheat lunch. I eat pretty strict during the week so this cheat meal really gums up my system for the day and I usually don’t eat again. I probably take in a full days calories at one meal, but that is usually it. I train on Sundays so I go back to normal Sunday morning. I’m over 30, so it’s usually a cheat meal, not a cheat day or weekend.