Dairy Protein

As we all know some people tend to get “thicker” skin when they consume dairy products. I know I do. Would MILK PROTEIN ISOLATE or CALCIUM CASEINATE PROTEIN powder be considered a dairy product and inturn thicken my skin up? I plan on buying some but won’t if it’ll hide my cuts. I know its an odd question but all help is much appreciated.


What is up with this talk of thicker skin? I hear that alot, but what does it mean? Fat under the skin? An actual thickening of the epidermis? Water retention maybe?

I wish someone at t-mag would insert some science into this thick skin talk. I’m honestly curious.

Those are two great proteins, don’t worry about getting whatever you’re afraid of.

The thickening of the skin from milk protein is supposed to come from a mild allergic reaction that some people could have to milk. I have heard people argue either way but I have not noticed any difference in my “thick skin” with or without dairy products.

Milk is GOOD

Thanks for the inputs. I just got this of another forum…“I don’t believe so because what is “thickening your skin” is probably the lactase in the milk which is empty Carbohydrates, which tend to lead to more water holding and a softer look. The milk proteins, I beleive , have the lactase removed so there are no empty carbohydrates, just the excellent protein.”

dont you like thick skin?

My skin is currently 6 inches around.

How do “empty” carbohydrates lead to more water holding and a softer look? Unless the poster is referring to fat gain, this doesn’t make sense.

yeah i think its the carbs not the actual milk proteins. i have had athletes get ripped to shreds consuming most of their protein calories from milk proteins