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Dairy products

Hi everyone,

Ive being doing some reading and Jb says that dairy products have a huge insulin index, so maybe thats not what we want as a bedtime snack even if were bulking up, in order to make possible some fat burning during certain times of the day, and high insulin lvls all day long may develop some kind of insulin resistance, a BBs worst nightmare.
Does this high II apply to ALL dairy products, or are there any exceptions?
I know cheese has a very low, almost zero GI, but what about its II? What about cottage cheese?
does anyone know a url for a good insulin index for several foods?
I have found thousands for GI but none for II.

Thank you all in advance,

hi rollus,
try this,
http://www.mendosa.com/insulin_index.htm mendosa.com is an online diabetes resource. hope this helps.


JB said milk has high II, not all dairy products such as cottage cheese.