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Dairy Product Question


I keep reading on this forum and elsewhere that dairy products tend to thicken phlegm. I have also noticed this in myself too. Is this due to lactose (I have a mild intolerance), or the fats, or something in the casein, or whey, or what?

It would be hard for me to give up dairy - I've tried going on a mixture of rice/green pea protein and I can really feel the difference in terms of recovery/anabolism - especially with my pre-bed meal.

Is there any way to minimize this effect without giving up dairy products? Is casein more or less likely to cause this? Thanks.


drink it really slow,& take lactase


buy isolates or hydrolyzed whey protein , I'm also lactose intolerant and I'm using this two whey proteins and I dont have any problem


Sorry if I was unclear. What I meant to ask is, what is it in dairy products that causes the thickening of mucus in some people?

The reason I am asking is that I am a student of voice - and voice students/singers refrain from dairy due to its effect on mucus. The thick mucus acts on the vocal cords, etc.

So, I'm wondering, what is it about dairy that causes this thickening? Is it the lactose? Whey? Casein? Some protein that is throughout milk, and therefore unavoidable?

Thanks! ~katz