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Dairy, Good or Bad?

I’m trying to pack on some serious weight. I’m starting a program next week and my goal is to build muscle.

Not including other foods;
I have glass of milk in the morning
2 yogurts and 10am on my coffee break
I have cheese sandwich at lunch time
1 glass of milk mixed with whey protein in the evening.

Is that too much dairy I consume? Would this amount of dairy have any effect on my body during training?

I think dairy consumption, in regards to muscle building, needs to be treated in the same manner as any supplement. Start at a small to average dose (such as 2-3 cups of milk a day) and increase or decrease consumption based on results.

The average person will respond reasonably well to dairy. I recently introduced 2% milk into my diet - 3 cups a day - for two weeks for the same reason as you (I’ve pretty much avoided dairy products until then, for no specific reason). Results? I’m guessing that I’m a bit lactose intolerant. I had gas everyday. My body fat shot up 2%, even though my calories were calculated at the same (maintenance) level. 2% in 2 weeks!

As you can guess, I’ve gone back to a dairyless lifestyle (except for that once a week pizza).

Definitely try it if you haven’t had a problem with dairy in the past.

Why a cheese sandwich? Why not some lean meat and veggies? Are you from Wisconsin?

[quote]SicTorn wrote:
Why a cheese sandwich? Why not some lean meat and veggies? Are you from Wisconsin?[/quote]

“real cheese from real cows…cause in Wisconsin, cheese is cheese.”