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Dairy = Gas

Okay. I’m going to be very blatant and honest here. Disgustingly so. I know there are other people who have experienced this. I find the best way to get my protein is via Skim Milk. I love the stuff and drink it all day long. Thing is, I get absolutely ridiculous amounts of gas on this shit! It could kill a damn horse farm! Now I have added a whey protein supplement to my diet as well. This made it about double. I am gassy and bloated as hell all day. I love eating big and popping out muscles, but when I have a round belly for most of the day due to bloat and when I have to hold in a fart for an hour or so, it really kind of turns me off. I think I may be minorly lactose intolerant? Aren’t all humans though? I don’t want to give it up because I love it and get over 100g of protein per day from it. And I can’t make a protein shake with water (ewww). Will something simple like Gas-X work? The solution needs to be cheap because I’ll basicaly be taking it for the rest of my damn life. Thanks.

My opinion - make sure you dont wear tight pants. I find i get bloated and gassy by the end of the day when my pants are too tight round the waist - either that or i’m just a fat fart-filled mofo.

I had this problem, turns out I’m lactose intolerant. Try a bottle of lactaid or something of the sort, if you don’t get gassy then you know what the problem is…

Hey bud, I know where you’re coming from, I’ve been in the same boat. I’m lactose intolerant after years of not having any problems at all with dairy. You have a few options, I’d choose one of the two following which work great for me.

  1. If you absolutely NEED some milk, use 100% lactose free milk. I use McArthur’s brand here locally, and it tastes just like regular milk and no gas. You might have to try a few different brands to get one you like.

  2. Buy some Grow!, either classic or low-carb, whichever suits your needs and mix up shakes with water. I saw you said you think it’s gross, but I SWEAR they taste freakin great! I thought the idea of water in shakes was nuts till I tried it. Tons of T-Men would say the same thing.

Hope these suggestions help. By the way, before dismissing either one, give em both a shot - what do you have to lose except a fat, bloated, gassy, belly?


I have a pretty small waist and wear pretty loose pants. Hell, I don’t even know where my belt is. Thanks for the suggestion though. I knew we had some more fartfilled mofos here.

I had a similar problem. I decided just to give up milk entirely, and I’m glad I did. I was at the point where just a small glass would have me doubled over all day. I have found that any cultured dairy product is fine though, ie, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir (I highly recommend kefir), etc. You can get a fair amount of protein on the cheap from these sources. Also, I too was turned off by the idea of using protein powder with just water. Then I tried Grow! after having given up on powders for a couple years. It tastes just fine. I’ve been happily using it for about a year now. I suggest you try it. Just make sure the water is really cold. Good luck.