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Dairy-Free Protein Shakes?


Is there any high quality protein shake/mix on the market that isn't just lactose free protein, but completely dairy free?

All I've found is alternatives to whey and casein like egg protein, or lactose free, but if I want to avoid soy and hemp (unless someone has a compelling argument for either), is there anything of high quality out there for anabolic growth?

My little brother wants to know, and he's very allergic to dairy.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling:


Beef protein isolate? There is a popular brand called Carnivore I think, endorsed by Kai Greene.

Tastes like shit imo.


So why isn't egg white protein an option?


I personally don't like protein powders with eggs since I eat them everyday in their regular form.

Eggs give me terrible farts, I can't imagine how worse it would be if the 2 protein shakes I have a day were also egg based.


I would recommend Rice Protein Powder. It just doesn't taste as good as whey though.


There's also Pea Protein Isolate.
It mixes a lot better than Rice Protein Powder.

But they both taste like dirt... literally !!


Mix it with coconut milk if you want to be dairy free. I use So Delicious brand.


I've never had coconut milk outside of thai food.

Coconut milk with protein powder sounds strange.


This isn't the same "milk" used in Thai cooking. Thai coconut milk is a concentrate. This is what I use. Check it out:


I use organic brown rice PP and hemp PP. Hemp tastes like the dirt it was grown in. It needs to be offset with a light coconut taste.