Dairy Free Protein Powder

I found out I have an allergy to dairy. I love whey protein but it might be why I’ve had sinus issues for the past several years even after quiting drinking milk. Does anybody have any suggestions for good dairy free protein powder?

Pea protein is decent. Whatever you choose, just make sure it has a complete amino acid profile and it has more than 2.5 g of leucine per serving within said profile.

Whey is so popular because it has one of the highest amounts of leucine per serving.

That being said, a dairy allergy really shouldn’t be triggered by something like whey isolate because everything but the whey has been isolated out, thus the term whey isolate.

Most are sensitive to dairy, myself included. I avoid milk, cheese, creams etc, but still use whey iso.

Have you considered another source of allergies, a compromised immune system or possibly septum issues like a deviation?

I don’t have septum issues. I am going to swtich proteins just to see if it has any effect on me because I’ve never not used whey protein. I was thinking about the pea protein as well. I’ll just run through a jug of that and see if there is any difference. If not I’ll get back to Whey Isolate. Thanks.

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Some of the beef ones out there now are really good. Hydrolysed whey also gives much less issues

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whey is a very common allergen. Even the good stuff.

Apparently if you mix rice and pea (Jamaicans have been doing it for years) it has a decent amino acid profile. Rice protein takes like Satan’s blown a load in your mouth though so I’m not desperate to try it.

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It seems like anything that’s consumed regularly and in decent quantities becomes an issue for a lot of people. I wonder if a protein rotation would help mitigate the sensitivity.

true, although it’s unusual for someone to only be allergic to one type of dairy protein. Unusual, but certainly not unheard of.

I dunno, I’ve heard the thing about foods you consume regularly becoming allergens over time. Doesn’t make sense to me from an evolutionary point of view. Like, if you lived in a certain area with a certain climate, surely only the same animals and plants are going to be there?

I dunno. Hurts mongo’s brain thinking about it.

I agree. I wonder if “modern food” is somehow different than it once was or if it’s all conjecture.

Also the fact we aren’t baby cows could play a role in it :wink:

I think maybe I’ll try the rotation thing also.