dairy for fat loss

Maybe some of you have seen this. I was just reading this article on MSN. It basically states that, everthing else staying the same, increasing daily intake into a person’s diet will reduce fat and increase lbm.


“When we cut dairy products, we send the body a signal – to make more fat,”

“A high-dairy diet can boost weight
loss by about 70%”

"even if you don’t restrict calories, taking in more calcium will change your body composition. You’re shifting calories from fat to lean body mass. “On the scales, you may not see a change. But we’ve seen a loss of body fat,”

A few of the better quotes from the article. Frankly, I’m no expert but based on my own personal experience, I feel better when I don’t eat dairy. When I do eat it I get gas and bloating, my skin breaks out, and I feel lethargic. In short, this article really seems to be saying that Calcium is what is responsible for the positive changes but that it must come from a dairy source to be effective. Neglecting of course to mention how many other sources of whole foods contain calcium. I wonder who sponsered this “study”.

Are there any other articles about this? I don’t have a problem with dairy. I like Milk (alhtough I’m not drinking it because it has too many carbs), cheese, and cottage cheese.

Any others out there know if that’s why protein powders use whey?

Or how does whey, calcium-caseinate, or milk protein work with fat loss?

This ranks right up there with some of the dubious soy articles that have been posted on this forum recently. If some dairy lobby didn’t sponsor this article I would be very surprised. I’m with Sabrina on this one–dairy has the opposite effect for me and if it is the calcium that is doing the good benefits then there are WAY better sources than dairy