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Dairy Bloat?

I have heard from several sources that consuming large quantities of dairy products will lead the a bloated flat look. Is this true? If so, what is the reason for this?


unless you get some abdominaldistention secondary to increase gass because you are intolerant to lactose but if not its just a protein+sugar or protein+surgar+fat drink.

One thing to verify are reliable sources, which generally limited themeselves to peer-reviewed journals and that’s basically it. Everything else from the great coaches of the site to the internet gurus you have to take with a ‘‘possible, but not proved’’ aspect.

Good luck in your training.

You can also take into account the sodium if your not use to it upping milk a lot may add some water retention due to the raised sodium intake.


it might make you gassy and you could feel bloated because of it.

i get a queasy stomach when i drink more than one glass of milk in a day.

i have found that eating yogurt is great for fixing that though. i now eat yogurt with live cultures every morning, i use 100% natural yogurt in my PWO shakes and i can drink as much milk as i want without problems now.

the bacteria helps your body deal with the lactose, and it may reduce your bloated feeling too.