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Dairy as bad as soy now?

http://www.panix.com/~nomilk/ How about that site? Are we allowed to drink anything anymore? Would someone who knows something about nutrition shoot that site apart please? I drink 1L of milk on each break @ work.

Haven’t read that yet, but let me just say that sometimes much of the negative dairy info comes from the extreme animal rights people and vegans. Not a good source of info as they have a rep of spreading a lot of misinformation and propaganda. That said, I do better by cutting back on dairy. Milk and me don’t get along - it’s like eating junk food for me.

My opinion about milk is that it’s not the miracle nutritious food it’s thought to be. Personally, milk gives me some pretty nasty rashes and that’s enough for me to avoid it completely.

It’s also curious that statistically, the countries with larger milk comsumption are also the ones with more incidence of ostheoporosis.

Anyway, when you’re altering a natural food like milk to such an extent that it ends up killing the same animals it was designed to feed it (calfs die if they drink the pasteurized milk we drink) makes one wonder if there isn’t something wrong.

The homogenization process pretty much destroys all the things that milk is marketed on. It’s not a great source of calcium and the vitamin D is oxidized by light if its sold in the clear plastic containers. Not that milk is gonna kill you or anything but there are better food choices for aquiring nutrients in the diet.

The main issues with milk seem to be allergies, lactose intolerance, and it being a carcinogen.

The allergies are for you to decide. IF you’ve got them, avoid it. Duh.

They call lactose digestion a mutation, since most of the world can’t. Yeah, whatever. It’s called evolution, baby. If you can digest lactose - you might as well.

The carcinogen aspect is the most worrying, but it’s also the easiest to beat. Whatever conformation aspects of the protein (that causes cancer) can be denatured if the protein is digested in the belly. If you heavily mix your milk with other foods, you can be sure that your stomach will denature the protein’s carcinogenic effects. Milk by itself might be bad. The jury’s out on that. Maybe heating it will denature it enough as well.

Say, I don’t think that milk is ideal for when you’re bulking because half the sugar calories will become fat. I wrote about my theory is NS cur’s thread.

Didn’t Paul Anderson tribute much of his success to drinking at least a gallon of milk a day? (Squatted 1200lb didn’t he?)

calcium intake is not the only cause of osteoporosis.
ITs funny that the countries with hte highest milk intake, are also lazy, poor eaters who drink smoke …yada yada yada

Don’t be too concerned with the micro-nutrients of milk. You should be drinking it for the macros, for calories. I drink a lot of skim-milk (powdered) nearly everyday, heaps of protein and lots of calories. I couldn’t put on much size without it. I’ve heard that the amino-acid profile is somewhat similar to whey protein too, and I don’t see why it would be radically different.

True. I wasn’t suggesting milk caused, I was just using that fact to suport my idea that milk is in no way the perfect food it’s thought to be.

doc serrano said soy and milk are the two most estrogenic foods out there. maybe soy isnt so bad then

Interesting tidbit: Were the only species that drinks the milk of another animal.

Restless, I just reply because people get down on milk for some reason as if it was the devil food. There is generally no good or bad foods, just good and bad diets.

and gmehne
what the f#&@ does that have to do with anything?
We are the only species who breed animals and grow plants for our nutrition. We are the only species who cook our food prior to eating, we also build buildings, cars, computers, and produce bollocks tv shows. We do things because we can.
And going onto another tangent, I have seen dogs drinking from sheep, why? because they can.

I have been reading the replies to this, and I have to agree with almost all of it, both the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments. I think we have to consider all sides of it. Is it the perfect food? Far from it. But can it be nutritious to a person who relies on it and doesn’t have other resources, such as peeople who live in northern european climates? Most definetly. These people have been living off huge quantities of dairy for hundreds of years.

Then there’s the osteoporosis issue. Yeah milk does have plenty of calcium, but it also creates a very acicid condition in the body that causes the parathyroid glands to draw calcium from the bones and raises blood-calcium levels to buffer the acidic ph. So while milk does have calcium, you body spends the bulk of it stripping the bones to neutralize milk’s overall acidifying effect.

Then there’s allergies, hormones, antibiotics etc. NO brainer there. Avoid the allergies, and unless you’re buying organic everything, your getting carcinogens, hormones, antibiotics in EVERYTHING you buy.

When it comes down to it, i think that if can do without it, and have the resources to eat nuts and seeds and plenty of dark leafy greens and vegetables, you’re going to get many more times the nutrition with much less of the crap. And as far as protein goes - well that’s what meat’s for baby!

And a last note, I think it’s also more important that we are the only species that drinks milk after infancy than that we drink it from another animal. Milk’s chemical makeup is geared specifically for the newborns of mammals, not adults. You wouldn’t feed adult food to a baby, so why feed baby food to an adult. As adults we have different nutritional requirements.

And, dude, if you’ve seen dogs taking it from sheep, get a camera in make some money off it! That’s some weird shit.

the only reason why we are, is because of the damn human rights and women rights activist. they will not tollerate huge dairys of big breasted women being milked every day. personally i’d like to watch.