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dairy and t-dawg

hey all…

i keep reading how dairy is a bad thing when trying to drop fat. i didn’t note anything significant warning against dairy products (except that they be fat-free) in the t-dawg 2.0 article.

i was thinking of adding skim milk to my daily diet – is this a no-no or does it really matter? thanks.

Some people simply find that dairy “stalls” them on low-carb diets for some reason. Personally I’m doing a CKD and eating plenty of cheese, whey shakes and cottage cheese and having great results.

Skim milk is rather high in carbs though. I think an important part of lasting more than a week on ketogenic diets is being able to “spend” most of your carbs on vegetables.

What about the theories that dairy will pit a layer on you. I choose to use no dairy cause of this inclination, and am really starting to wonder if it is true or not. This is becoming more important cause I am going to be switching my diet up a little and I would really like to add cottage cheese to it, as there are so many things you can do with the tasty treat. Also I am very interested as to how the presence of dairy can slow fat burning on a low carb diet. And not to flood this post with questions, but what about the carbs in dairy do these raise insulin levels at all?