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Dairy and Sinus Issues

I’m lactose intolerant and dairy products also give me sinus issues (inflammation and blockage). If it was just for the lactose, I would suck it up and take lactaid with my whey…but the sinus problems are the worst part.

Are sinus problems from dairy caused by lactose (sugar) or the protein itself ? Would an isolate (no sugar, no lactose right ?) Anyone here had sinus issues from dairy?

I can’t stand the taste of beef iso, gemma pea or hemp…

Yuck, the sinus infection problem reminded me of this guy:

For some constructive advice, maybe try to meet your nutritional needs without a lot of dairy products (a pain in the ass but possible) and check out rice protein if you don’t like beef iso or pea.

I get the same thing. I find a whey isolate doesn’t bother me. I can’t do milk or chesse though.

So whey isolate may not give me the problem whey concentrate gives me ? Is it because there is less trace of casein ( i read else where that casein was causing the sinus inflammation not whey)

BTW I also tried egg white protein from true protein, taste wasnb’t that bad, a bit salty but the shit and farts was ridiculous. Strange, I eat lots of eggs and I’m fine.

Thanks guys!