Dairy and Bad Skin

Just wondering, does anyone get breakouts after eating dairy?

I’m lactose intolerant but really like yoghurt. However, I find that when I eat it (with lactase pills), I notice acne the next day
Any ideas what’s going on?

Umm you’re still relatively young and have the hormones of a young person. You’re also Lactose Intolerant…

First response from Google when searching ‘lactose intolerant + acne’ is this:
“if you belong to the 65 percent of people who are lactose intolerant, your acne-related breakout could be due to a lactose sensitivity or allergic reaction .”


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Yeah, but I’m taking lactase enzymes and am not experiencing GI distress or other symptoms

I think you’re missing the forest for the trees here.

You do far more research than I do with your studies, but here goes round two:
Google: why does lactose intolerance cause acne?
“Whey and casein, the proteins in milk, stimulate growth and hormones in calves — and in us when we drink their milk. When we digest these proteins, they release a hormone similar to insulin, called IGF-1 . This hormone is known to trigger breakouts.”

enzymes will help you break down the proteins, which is why you can eat yogurt without GI distress. It doesn’t, however, prevent the IGF-1 boost you get from eating it. Sounds like yogurt simply isn’t in the cards for you :man_shrugging:


oh wow, I actually didn’t know that. I thought the enzymes would break down the lactose → less inflamation → no acne

LOL I’m dumb

the enzymes DO break down the lactose, but in doing so - the body then releases IGF-1, which ultimately causes the acne/breakout. Whether you were taking the enzymes or not, lactose intolerant or not, this would likely still be the case.

You’re not dumb, and I’m happy to help


Ahh okay that makes sense

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Switching from non-organic to organic dairy worked wonders for me.


This sucks because dairy is a) yummy and b) a great source of fat and protein. Im in my 30s and have back/shoulder acne like a teenager probably from the gallon of milk per week i sometimes drink after squatting.
Wife is deathly allergic to whey, theres a whole other conversation…

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Yes! Yoghurt and cottage cheese are definitely a “trigger foods” for me. I seem to get hungrier the more I eat lol :joy: (like some ppl with ultra processed foods)

Thereve been times where I’d polish off a 2lb tub of plain Greek yoghurt and think to myself: “I’d like some more”

Oh man! That must really suck (for you)

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It very much varies by one’s ethnic group. East Asians and dairy are usually not friends.


I’m lactose intolerant but have never had a breakout from diary I’m afraid.

Just wanted to chime in to see the rest of the conversation really.

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oh! that’s interesting. Thank you for sharing!