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Daily Zinc Dosage?

Hey guys,

Thinking of increasing my zinc dosage by about 10mg/15mg to see if that has any effect on my estrogen. I am getting around 40mg(4mg copper) right now but most of it comes from less desirable forms such as zinc sulfate and oxide from a multivitamin. Any benefits to increasing it any higher? Anyone experiences with more than 50mg a day with good or bad results?

What are you trying to do to your e2?

Lower it down a few points. It sits around 42 right now and would like to get it toward the high or mid 30s to possibly reduce some high estrogen symptoms. My E2 is not bad but with my lower SHBG(19) I find that estrogen is a pain to deal with and increases in E2 are very noticeable.

I take 60mg zinc citrate daily and it has zero effect on my estradiol(not that I care) but I take it for the zinc’s benefits

What do you think are high e2 symptoms you are getting?

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Higher than normal emotions on stupid shit, night sweats, irritability are the typical signs I get when my E2 is higher, nothing major until it gets to a higher point but those are the tell tale signs for me personally after going no AI for the past year or so.

I really would not start e2 control. It will cause more of a rollercoaster.

I get what you have occasionally. I inject 2x a week. I feel great. There are a couple days a week where I seem more assertive. But so what. We are after all trying to mimic our own natural production with t injections.

If I lower my e2 , tried this 2 years ago with ai, I get back pain.
I let my e2 settle where it goes. If it looks way to high in comparison to testosterone, lower dose a bit.

I’ll bet you a hundred bucks in cash that your protocol is not optimized for you and that your isues have nothing to do with estradiol whatsoever. I’m dealing with several thousands of men and none of them are trying to lower their estradiol by any degree. It’s a paracrine hormone in men. Serum levels are meaningless. I also might add that you made no mention of what your protocol is nor did you provide any labs whatsoever. That makes it rather difficult to provide any kind of advice to your question.

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After being on several different protocols over the years this one is working great for me for the most part. I have tried AI/No AI, injections 2x a week, 3x a week and EOD over the past few years allowing enough time to judge whether or not there is a benefit or not over past protocols with notes. Thanks man, but estrogen absolutely effects me in a negative way and E2 plays a large part in that from bloodwork…but not everyone is the same and things effect people different ways.

Current Protocol:

3x a week, 150mg Test Cyp total
200 IU HCG at the time of injection

Latest lab results with standard Lab Corp ranges:

TT - 1150
FT - 31
E2 - 42
SHBG - 19

Thanks man, i am with you on feeling much better off the AI than on it. Lower the dose is a good idea that I have been trying to avoid lol

Thanks Vonko. Do you split it up or take it all at one time?

In fact I use tablets of 30mg from Solgar, so I take two. I doctor I respect told me to take the zinc two times in the day, not sure why.
What I can tell you for sure is picolonate and citrate are the most absorbable forms of zinc. And most men especially who train need at least a bit of zinc supplementation. But I wouldnt take it for controlling e2.
Magnesium is the other critical mineral in my oppinion, but more than 200 and I get too sleepy the next day