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Daily Water Intake

YES I did search past posts. I am looking to start bulking up and past posts say that drinking a lot of water helps with fat loss… and there is no way to gain weight you dont drink water that just insnt healthy.
How much should I be drinking? Litres please. Thanks for the help.

I drink 6-8 litres a day. Essentially, I like to pee nearly clear about every 40min. Keep in mind that too much water can have a bad effect, so more than 12 or so might be risky. I’m 185lbs. ~80kgs.

I personally drink 1oz of water per lb including fat mass. SO I weigh 226 I drink 226 oz a day of water. ( almost a gallon every day) After cardio or a severe weight training day I drink an extra 12 oz for every lb lost during the excercise ( you know, what I sweated out) as an added benefit if you are retaining any water drinking like this will help you to shed it.
my $0.02

newbie: two complaints:

  1. The poster asked for “litres please”…
  2. 226 oz is just about 6.5 litres if I’m not mistaken, and a gallon is 3.7. You actually drink more than TWO gallons of water per day…

I drink about 3-4 litres a day, not including the 3 litres extra on WO days.
I agree with Harkonnen-what is this, the 1800’s? What the hell is a gallon? And if I remember from primary school, an ‘ounce’(obs.) is roughly 29 grams/millilitres. I am o.k with inches, feet and pounds but this other ancient shit is confusing.