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Daily Water Intake


There's a lot of calculators out there for how much water we need to be taking in, say 3000 ml. I'm a bit confused though about whether any water ADDED to create food counts?

For example, I have a bowl or two of porridge each day, involving adding around 750 ml of water to my oats before microwaving them.

--> Does this 1500 ml (2 bowls) count towards my daily water requirements, or am I still supposed to be drinking the recommended 3000 ml daily intake (generic value) in glasses of water?

Thanks anyone!


no...i just stick with a gallon of water a day. i do not add the water i add to my oatmeal or cooking or anything like that. it is very important to stick to atleast a gallon a day...this works best for me


Why do you drink so much water per day? Can you show me one reliable study which demonstrates that it's somehow beneficial to drink that much water?


Other than just generally being good for you? Since when do people need to do studies on drinking water = good?


Maybe he's from a planet where water is scarce?


It's interesting though, you can drink too much water too. It can decrease the electrolyte concentration in the blood, meaning cells become overly flooded with water due to osmosis, creating all sorts of problems like swelling, water retention and even kidney damage.


A gallon of water a day is not that much water, especially if one has tough workouts and is active throughout the day


Point to a high quality study which demonstrates that drinking that much water is better for you than drinking less.


Maybe you're from a planet where pop culture random advice is taken as sound science.


I know this is an old thread, but I've recently been wondering about this a lot myself.

I'm drinking (no hyperbole) 8-12 liters a day (2-3 Gallons), and have been doing so for the greater part of a year. But I kind of worry that I'm throwing everything out of whack - especially when it comes to the fact that I need at least 3 liters within an hour or two in the morning to get stuff moving. I've been going by the old "drink a LOT of water a day" but I think I've taken the LOT part a little too seriously?

1 gallon - 3.5ish liters right?

I Drink NO other fluids than water. No juice, soft drink, anything. Except a few cold ones friday night.


Much appreciated, thanks. I've already cut back to a gallon and a half and feel a lot better (no more woozy hyponatremia).

I'm in Vancouver so not as cold as Manitoba but I know where you're coming from


I feel dehydrated on training days if I don't have at least a gallon of water a day.


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your body easily regulates the amount of water it needs as long as you supply it. If you drink too much your body can get rid of it and if you don't drink enough it can to some extent rectify it. It's a lot easier to get rid of water than it is to not drink enough of it. So just keep regularly hydrating yourself and see what you need. for example if I know I am going to be stuck ina car for 2 hours i don't drink beforehand or only sip and then rehydrate at the end of the car ride.

also ZEB show me a study that proves the sky is blue? and how can we be sure that all the studies out there aren't just pop culture myths


I think the take-away from the banter/talk is just that drinking water is important, drink it in moderation (as with everything) - not too much, and not too little. If you're thirsty, drink (b/c you are in stage one-two dehydration), but that doesn't mean go nuts otherwise.

@rehanb_bl I agree that the body regulates this, but I know from personal experience you feel pretty bad when you drink 3-4 liters in an hour or two while sedentary. So just be smart about it, like your saying. Completely agree.

Also, keep in mind that every protein shake is a 1/2-3/4 of a liter right there. And the anaconda protocol gives you another 2 liters...




God now ZEB is gonna infest this fucking forum...

Anyways, 1.5gal seems to be a good balance. 2 gallons is just annoying to drink. If I have 1 gallon I feel less energetic. I also notice that on a higher water intake, I look leaner when I wake up the next day. Cool.


I drink enough, but I think it's funny the people that "worry" about how much water they're getting. And I don't mean people here.

At work you'll see the chubby, out-of-shape but only 22 year-old girls that eat oily or fried Taiwanese food (I'm in Taiwan) and think 5 mins is too much walking BUT! they always have a liter bottle with them AT ALL TIMES!


Yeah, always refilling the plastic Dasani bottles


We only replacing the water we loss.
You guys better check your kidney. Look for 'creatinine' and 'ureum' number.
For bad kidney, drinking too much water will worsen the problem. Have this info from 3 different people who have bad kidney and under medical treatment. Even some physician says too much water would put un-necessary load on kidney (kind of wear and tear of engine under extra heavy load).
For healthy ones drinking too much will wash away water soluble nutrients faster.

Like ZEB, I am also interested. Please do provide study that support hi water consumption for non-kidney-problem athlete.


this thread is picking the pepper out of the fly shit. Just drink enough to keep your urine a light yellow, try and avoid getting thirsty just to stay hydrated and drink more or less as you feel the need