Daily vitamin tablet with iron


Read in a couple of places that you should get a daily vitamin WITHOUT iron in as this can build up and be toxic. Is this true or is this dependant on whether you get a lot of iron in your diet eg. eat a lot of red meat? (I am a vegetarian, I eat fish and eggs but not meat, yeh yeh I know pansy ass wuss and all that…)

Also, my girlfriend wants to know if this applies to women too?



Men generally (or boys) don’t generally need extra iron, unless they are anemic or have lost a lot of blood. On the other hand, most women are slightly anemic and the iron does not hurt them. If you are worried about having low iron, take folic acid. The body naturally converts what it needs into iron and the rest passes.

Thanks for the replies, usefull info, especially about folic acid to iron conversion - never knew that, and LL’s article is in line with what I’ve been reading.

Right then, my woman can have the rest of my old vit tablets and I’m off to buy some iron free ones!

Thanks a lot


To any UK folk out there what multi vit w/o iron do you use, I have scoured the web and all I can find is the Centrum Select 50+ which contains only 4mg of Iron (my Holland & Barret ones contain 15mg), is there anything else?